Jewelry Made From Ashes- 60 Beautiful Ideas To Buy

If you’ve just received your loved one’s ashes, you’re probably wondering how you can create a stunning piece of cremation jewelry.

You might be not unsure on what type of jewelry you want to make.

If you don’t know much about the process of making jewelry from ashes, I encourage you to check out my article about cremation art.

To help answer some of these questions and give you some inspiration, below are some stunning examples of what you can do with your loved one’s ashes.

Ash Necklaces

Red Rose Cremation Pendant

This memorial glass pendant features a see-through glass pendant with a striking red rose center piece.

It is infused with a tiny bit of ash that creates tiny specks inside the glass. Every item is exclusive and comes with a complimentary chain. Red roses signify shared affection and love, and a single red rose says “you are still the one” or symbolizes love at first sight.

Wear this gorgeous pendant as a token of your infinite love for someone that has passed on.

Cremation Opal Pendant

This opal cremation pendant offers a unique way to remember the memories and life you’ve shared with someone close to you that has passed on.

It reminds us of a pearl that took years to form into something rare and exquisite, perhaps like your relationship.

The teardrop shape perfectly emphasizes the single opal gemstone that nestles on the bottom. Even though your heart is saddened by the loss, the opal stone symbolizes hope, truth, and purity.

When you hold it up to the light, it radiates different colors and reminds us that after every storm, there is a rainbow.

Each pendant is infused with a small number of ashes to honor the departed’s life.

Space Cremation Pendant

Often when our heart misses someone we’ve lost, we look up at the stars and wonder whether they are looking down on us.

This cremation pendant makes for an endearing memorial keepsake to honor the memory of a deceased friend or loved one.

Each pendant is specially crafted with transparent blue glass, featuring interesting patterns and swirls that are created by a small amount of infused ash.

A small opal with vaporized silver add the final touches to this truly one-of-a-kind remembrance pendant. Wear it close to your heart as a tangible token of your love and devotion for the deceased soul.

Memorial Energy Pendant

The memorial energy pendant offers a one of a kind appearance with a black or cobalt or background and striking dandelion-shaped pattern.

Pure silver is introduced during the manufacturing phase to create the characteristic patterns.

Dandelions are exceptional flowers that symbolize the return of life, growth, and the first specs of green after a cold winter.

They also represent abundant power and strength. Despite your mind and heart being clouded by grief, your heart will heal, and you will experience hope and happiness again.

This item offers a heart-warming memorial keepsake to celebrate the love and memories you’ve shared with someone who has passed on.

Celestial Sky Glow In The Dark Pendant

The celestial sky pendant is unlike any other memorial pendant. It is crafted from glass that is naturally glow in the dark, featuring striking swirl like detailing.

It is reminiscent of thousands of twinkling stars that adorns a velvet blue evening sky.

Every pendant is crafted by hand and contains a little bit of ash to commemorate the memory of a deceased person or pet.

Few people are left untouched by a starlit sky that means “made lighter” by the stars.

Your heart may be clouded by sadness, but just like the stars, your memories are something that will always be with you.

This unique glass pendant comes with a faux leather cord and is available in various color choices.

Memorial Glass White Feather Pendant

This unique glass pendant immediately captures the attention. Each pendant is crafted from glass by hand and features a single white feather pattern.

Pure silver is introduced during the manufacturing process to create the look which means no two pendants are alike.

Each item comes with a faux leather cord and a tiny bit of animal or human cremains is added to honor the memory of a departed soul.

Feathers are symbols of acknowledgment that something or someone in the afterlife is guarding you and keeping you safe, no matter what path you choose.

This pendant offers a tangible way to celebrate the life you’ve shared with a deceased soul by wearing it by your heart.

Ashes Heart Swirl Pendant

The heart-shaped glass pendant with swirly details is a beautiful memorial keepsake to treasure the memories that you’ve shared with a loved one that has passed on.

The combination of blue and green symbolizes hope, sadness, abundance, calmness, and responsibility.

Even though you’re experiencing grief from the loss, you carry the hope of reuniting one day. Green also symbolizes healing, which means these feelings of sadness will not remain forever.

Each pendant is hand crafted with rigorous structural integrity and little to no air locked in the glass.

Celebrate the life and memory of someone you’ve recently lost with this exquisite pendant that is available in various color choices.

Simple Encasement Pendants

If you’re looking for an understated but eye catching memorial pendant, then this item is a perfect match.

Select from a round-shaped pendant (the group of three in the image) or an elongated shape that narrows towards the bottom.

Each glass pendant is specially crafted by hand with very little or zero air present in the glass, offering robust structure and perfect clarity.

Choose your favorite color, or that of the deceased person to commemorate their memory and wear this eye catching remembrance keepsake close to your heart.


Delicate teardrops. Ethereal moons and stars. Quaint old-fashioned lockets.

When it comes to memorial pendants, there are as many choices as there are personalities.

And imagine the comfort of your loved one’s cremains nestling close to your heart.

You will be beautifully reminded of their memory every time you look down.

Whether you prefer elegant gold or sparkling diamond, simple or ornate, the perfect cremation pendant is out there.

Here are just a few ideas.

Ash Infused Resin Pendants

If you’re looking for heirloom quality jewelry that is very stylish and discreet, I would highly recommend some of these resin pendants.

These one of a kind pendants combine high quality jewelry with glass like resin, that has been infused with your loved one’s ashes.

End Of Day Long Tag Ashes Pendant

The color silver has an impact on the body and mind and is believed to replace negativity with positive energy. This keepsake can remind you of the good times and special memories you shared with a lost loved one.

The silvery /grey pendant is perfectly accentuated against a yellow gold chain. The hints of silver connotes unconditional love, tenderness, and kindness. What better way to show your endearing affection for someone that you’ve lost but will forever remain in your heart?

The beautiful gold plated .925 silver pendant measures 9/32 inches in width and 1-9 inches in height and comes with a twenty-inch chain.

Silver Crimson Heart Ashes Pendant

This pendant with its crimson red heart depicted against the darker background with interesting detailing embodies the contrasting emotions you’re feeling.

Despite the grief and loss you feel from losing someone, the striking red crimson heart represents your love for them. Crimson red was a popular color worn by church figures and nobility.

It also symbolizes power, religion, and the presence of God. The crimson heart evokes an impression of spirituality, strength, and refinement, the unique qualities of the person you want to celebrate.

Dawn To Dusk Ashes Pendant

Yellow represents the warmth of the sun and the beauty of sunflowers and daffodils. Grey symbolises compromise, intellect, and calmness.

This dawn to dusk pendant is a tangible heirloom that you can wear to remember someone with a witty and cheerful personality.

Even though your heart feels clouded with grief, this pendant is reminiscent of a sunflower that stands tall and follows the sun.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the sun will shine again once your souls are reunited one day.

Hearts On Fire Ashes Pendant

The heart symbol is the embodiment of affection, emotion, love, and caring. The color red is fiery and symbolizes so many emotions.

The heart symbol has been used since ancient times to decorate castles, weapons, temples, and more. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and exemplifies the core of emotion.

This pendant has a deep, crimson resin heart that is accentuated against beautiful sterling silver. Wear this hearts on fire pendant to show your everlasting devotion, passion, and love for someone who has passed on.

Silver Morning Dew Ashes Pendant

The stunning emerald-green glass center of this pendant reminds us of dew drops nestling on leaves and grass early morning. Green is the symbol of harmony, balance, and calmness.

Celebrate the memory of someone who shares your love for nature and the environment with this beautiful pendant.

Even though they are not with you anymore, they have moved on to greener pastures and will remain in your heart forever.

The sterling silver background and chain adds a touch of sophistication and grace to the beautiful jewelry piece.

Mirrored Memoirs Ashes Pendant

The color purple is not abundantly found in nature and is therefore viewed as sacred. It reminds us of exquisite orchids, soothing lavender, or delicate wild pansies.

They are precious and rare specimens to be treasured like the memories of someone special. Purple is also believed to have various effects on your body and mind.

It can be calming and uplifting to carry you through this difficult time.

The mirrored memoirs ashes pendant is a truly beautiful keepsake if you prefer something unique and treasurable.

Gold Campfire Heart Ashes Pendant

The red heart that adorns the yellow gold pendant with black detailing embraces the warmth and energy of a campfire on a cold evening.

In a spiritual sense fire depicts resurrection, eternity, purification, and hope. Fire is an essential element of life that one cannot live without.

When we lose someone close to us, the eternal flame of our love and affection for them cannot be rescinded. The color burnt red is unique which makes it amiable.

It is also described as devoted, caring, and individualistic.

This pendant is perfect to commemorate the life of someone who shares these character traits.

Silver Garden Ashes Pendant

This pendant reminds us of a beautiful and mysterious forest with its blend of turquoise and jade green colored rectangle center and sterling silver frame.

Blue jade represents serenity and peace. It is the perfect color to bring inner peace and restore equilibrium when you’re experiencing grief.

Turquoise signifies hope, protection, wisdom, and tranquillity. It is also a sign of endearing love which makes it an ideal keepsake to wear after their passing.

It offers a tangible way to show your infinite endearment for that special person.

Night Swirl Pendant With Ash 

The night sky is a symbol of endless and permanent beauty. That’s what makes this pendant such a meaningful symbol of your enduring relationship with a lost loved one.

Cremation ash mixes with the delicacy of starlight against a midnight-blue background. For an added glow, you can choose to add yellow highlights.

The pendant can be worn beautifully on its own, or conveniently added to another necklace.

Moon & Stars Tree Of Life Pendant

For a life as enduring as the moon and stars, this is the perfect remembrance.

Your loved one’s cremation ash is infused within a glass bead in your choice of Red, Dark Red, Purple, Cranberry Pink, Black, or Brown.

A lovely tree of life crafted of sterling silver, along with a moon and stars, stands out against this background. When you turn the pendant over, you can view the delicate swirls of cremation ash.

Silver & Gold Hummingbird Memorial Necklace 

This necklace, crafted of 10K gold and sterling silver, gives off a vibe of understated luxury that is exactly the tribute your lost loved one deserves.

The cremains are carefully mixed with a small amount of colored resin which adds a touch of sparkle to the necklace. You can choose from a selection of ten different colors including Aqua, Orange, or Purple.

Only ⅛ teaspoon of ash is needed to create this striking memorial necklace.

Madison Sterling Silver Glass Pendant 

A gorgeously patterned silver wire twines around a center cabochon, made of vivid dichroic glass. Each pendant is wire-wrapped by hand, so no two are alike.

You can choose between metallic silver or a darker oxidized look. The glass is available in a choice of three striking colors. And ash can be placed within either the glass or the backing.

Sapphire Drop Pendant

The shape of a glass teardrop in light sapphire blue is a fitting and beautiful way to express your grief for a loved one’s passing. The glass is infused with cremation ash, and then covered with a layer of gold fuming for a look of elegance.

The pendant is available in a choice of two sizes: Regular (1.5”-1.75”) or Petite (3-4 millimeters).

Flower Heart Necklace

This tiny glass heart holds real flowers within it: small multi-colored blooms of baby’s breath, the perfect symbol of the eternal cycles of nature. The glass is infused with cremation ash so you can keep your loved one close to your heart.

The silver necklace comes with the heart pendant at no extra charge.

The pendant measures 1” by 1”. Discounts are available for multiple purchases.

Caged Rainbow Galaxy Necklace With Opal

The promise of eternal life is enclosed within a cage close to your heart in this lovely memorial necklace.

The center cabuchon, though tiny, holds worlds of color and meaning. A crescent moon and star, full moon, or a plain white or black opal rests within the dichroic glass.

The vivid colors of the glass are unpredictable, appearing in many possible variations. It is also swirled with 24K gold and sterling silver fuming.

Glass Heart Pendant With Ash

Subtle yet striking, this tiny glass heart allows you to carry your loved one with you wherever you go in a way that’s discreet yet eye-catching.

The simple glass heart, infused with cremation ash, comes in a stunning array of possible color combinations, either solid or dichroic, which holds other colors within it depending on the flow of the glass.

The pendant can be worn beautifully on its own, or you can add it to another piece of jewelry.

Angel Wing Heart Pendant With Crushed Opal 

This pendant evokes powerful imagery of a colorful heart held protectively within the clasp of an angels’ wings, a comforting image as you grieve for your loved one.

A tiny portion of cremation ash is mixed with synthetic crushed opal to create the color in the heart. You can choose up to three colors for the opal.

There are a total of fourteen colors to choose from and they include orange, teal, dusk blue, pink and rainbow.

Blue Moon Teardrop Pendant

A blue moon is a rare and precious event, just like the life of your lost loved one.

The teardrop-shaped glass pendant holds a small portion of cremation swirled with an ethereal shade of blue. The exact shade of blue will vary slightly from one pendant to the next, but they are all beautiful.

Ghost Heart Pendant

Ghostly swirls of white show up dramatically against the dark background of this pendant, made of glass infused with cremation ash. The swirls show up especially vividly when this pendant catches the sunlight.

The pendant measures 1” tall and 1” in diameter. It requires only an eighth of a teaspoon of cremains. A collection kit is sent to you for easy transfer of the ashes.

Blue Spiral Teardrop Pendant

Like a circle only with more curves and turnings, a spiral is endless, and a fitting symbol of your lost loved one’s life.

The shape of a glass teardrop immortalizes your grief while the beauty within symbolizes hope.

The smooth feel of the glass will bring quick, tangible comfort whenever you grasp it in your fingers, and its weight lies consolingly against your heart.

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant 

Subtle and simple, this glass heart enclosed in sterling silver is still beautiful enough to command attention.

The crushed synthetic opal in the center of the glass heart gives a vibrant splash of color to the piece. You can choose up to three colors out of a possible fourteen, including yellow, turquoise, purple, white, and red.

The ashes are set in UV activated resin, preventing them from damage so you can wear this pendant for years to come.

Deep Space Pendant With Ash

If your loved one had a fascination with outer space, then this pendant is the perfect way to honor them.

The various shades of deep blue suggest the endlessness of a distant galaxy, represented on a simple flat disc. The look of the pendant will vary depending on the consistency and color of the cremation ash infused with the glass.

Wishbone Sparkle Pendant 

The tiny 10-millimeter marble at the center of this pendant is designed to resemble an opal. Against the opalescent background, you can choose the detail of a white crescent moon, a white or black full moon, or a white star.

The opal has an eye-catching sparkle which is bound to attract attention and compliments despite its small, simple design.

Additional marbles can be added to the pendant if you wish.

Egg Shaped Cremation Diamond Necklace

A smooth teardrop shape, crafted from white gold, hangs on an endless 24-inch chain. The chain has no catch, thus symbolizing the eternal nature of the bond between you and your loved one.

If you want the chain in a different length, you can custom order it at no extra charge.

A tiny internal chamber makes a discreet and a secure place to store your loved one’s ashes.

Cremation Ashes Moon Necklace

No matter how dark your world seems, the moon constantly renews itself.

That’s what makes this pendant in the shape of a moon such a meaningful memorial.

The white gold pendant measures one inch from top to bottom and comes to you on a 24-inch cable chain.

The tiny chamber for the ashes is permanently sealed, so you can carry them everywhere conveniently and securely.

Gold Diamond Star Necklace

This necklace shows that your love is as eternal as the Northern Star.

A vibrant solid gold star encircles a 15-millimeter brilliant-cut gemstone.

You can personalize by choosing the gold color (white, yellow or rose gold) and karat size (9, 14, or 18 karat).

It comes with a solid gold chain in three choices of length: 16 inches, 18 inches and 19.5 inches.

Solitaire Diamond Bezel Necklace

This understated solitaire diamond pendant is the perfect choice for someone whose taste is both minimalist and elegant.

A series of loops hold the simple round-cut diamond to a 14-karat cable chain.

A dainty but secure lobster clasp completes it.

You can choose a 14-, 16- or 18-inch chain in a variety of primary colors. It is available in either white or yellow gold.

Emerald Diamond Necklace

The vivid gleam of emerald is surrounded by elegant gemstones in a classic teardrop shape.

It’s a great remembrance for a loved one with a birthday in May or who simply loved anything emerald.

The pendant measures just 9 millimeters high and 3 millimeters across.

It’s made of solid 14-karat yellow gold on a cable chain. A secure three-prong setting for the emerald ensures that it will remain with you wherever you go.

Little Diamond Charm Gold Necklace

A diamond set within a small star evokes the eternity of the heavens.

It’s surrounded by a yellow gold cloud whose uneven surface is calculated to give a look and feel of softness.

You can opt for engraving to give the charm a personal touch.

Pendants can be purchased separately, or you can add a 14-karat or 18-karat gold chain.

14Kt White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Round Pendant

You don’t have to have a March birthday to cherish the quiet shimmer of aquamarine.

This 6mm simulated stone shines from a setting of solid 14-karat gold.

The pendant is available in Yellow Gold or Rose Gold.

Personalization can be added when you order.

It comes with an 18-inch chain and a special jewelry box for safe storage.

Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant

This pendant comes in a traditional pear shape, crafted of solid 14-karat gold and displaying a halo of sparkling gemstones surrounding a larger diamond in the center.

It comes in an elegant box, perfect if you’re giving it as a gift.

You can choose a length of 16, 18 or 20 inches.

14K White Yellow Rose Gold Bezel Set


This is an eye-catching solitaire pendant which cannot fail to grab attention anywhere you go.

The pendant measures 8.35 millimeters across, with a gem which catches the light in exactly the right way.

It’s set in your choice of white, yellow or rose 14-karat gold.

This is a classic style which will stand up well to the test of time.

Dainty Minimal 22K Gold Teardrop Pendant

The tiny champagne-brown diamond encased in this teardrop pendant gives it a look that’s both simple and unique.

A peacock-feather pattern adds to the original look.

The pendant is crafted of classy 22-karat gold, and comes with an 18-karat gold chain.

You can choose a length of 42 or 45 inches.

Engraved personalization can be added. Just indicate it when you make your order.


How many times a day do you look at your hands?

They flash into your line of vision whenever you’re driving, texting or typing on a computer keyboard.

So imagine seeing the flash of beautiful memorial jewelry every time you do these things.

It’s like having your loved one within your sight all the time.

Here are some of our favorites.

Silver Ring With Cremation Ash & Gem

This stunning ring strikes just the right balance of subtle and regal.

The zircon gemstone is set in sterling silver surrounded by a colored resin infused with visible cremains or hair.

There is an option to request the ring in gold, if you prefer.

The colored resin is available in Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Topaz, Aqua, Pink, or Transparent. The ring is also available in a wide range of sizes.

Silver Feather Ring 

The unique feathered pattern of this silver ring gives it a rare loveliness. This look is enhanced by the antiquated finish, which gives it the appearance of the classic heirloom it may one day become.

The ring is infused with cremains, which may be partially exposed depending on the distribution of the ash.

The ring is completely handmade, so each one is just a little bit different.

Sterling Silver Ring With Opaque Glass Marble 

The opaque glass centerpiece in this gorgeous ring will reflect a comforting glow back to you whenever you glance down at your hand.

Although it only measures twelve millimeters, the tiny marbled orb holds a powerful beauty, especially as you know that your loved one’s cremains have been carefully infused and preserved within its depths.

You can even place additional marbles in the sterling silver setting if you choose.

Gold Ring With Cremation Ash & Gem 

This solid gold ring exudes an ornate look of elegance, a worthy remembrance of the loved one you lost.

It comes in a choice of three gorgeous shades of White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold.

The zircon gem in the center beautifully displays and preserves a small amount of hair or cremains.

The resin used to seal the ashes adds a splash of color to the ring.

Midnight Sparkle Ring

There is nothing as powerful as the sparkle of a dark midnight sky to symbolize life that continues after death. And this image is meaningfully evoked by the dark-blue, sparkling 12-millimeter marble in the center of this ring.

The ring comes in a wide variety of sizes. It may be wise to order a size up, since the marble can make the ring feel tight on your finger.

Two Tone Spin Ring

This ring combines a classic, antique look with the free-spirited sparkle of crushed synthetic opal.

The effect of darkly ornate sterling silver is enhanced by 14-karat rose gold wrapped around the ring in three smooth bands.

You can choose up to three colors from a possible fourteen to make your ring truly pop. Some of the most popular color combinations include Pink & Orange, Light Blue & Orange, Turquoise & White, or Purple & Lime Green.

Silver Heart Ring

A simple sterling silver heart is enhanced by the detail of a delicate silver rose perched on either side. A colorful synthetic crushed opal mix adds a lighthearted, fun note to the piece.

You can choose from an endless palette of color combinations.

Your loved one’s cremains are preserved within a UV activated resin. Powdery or dark cremation ashes will give the stone a darker, more nebulous appearance.

Titanium Ring With Cremation Ash 

The solid, luxurious look of titanium makes this ring stand out. A variety of finishes are available to customize the look of the ring: Stipple, Stone, Hammer, Tree Bark, or Satin.

A small portion of cremation ash is securely sealed within the ring using a colorful resin in your choice of Blue, Aqua, Green, Purple, or your own customized color.

The ring can be inscribed with up to 35 characters in memory of your loved one.

Rose Gold Ring

With its thin delicate band, this ring is perfect if you want a discreet but lovely remembrance.

The ring is handcrafted of 14-karat rose gold for a look of subtle elegance. An eighth-teaspoonful of cremation ash is permanently and safely sealed within a resin. You can choose from nine dazzling colors, or opt for a transparent resin instead.

Opal Heart Ring

The charming detail of a tiny white opal in the shape of a heart graces this lovely ring. The heart is superimposed on a background of colorful crushed synthetic opal in the color combination of your choice.

Your loved one’s cremains are swirled within the opal. A thin sterling silver band adds to the uniquely beautiful look.

The ring runs small, so it’s a good idea to order a size up.

14K Gold Diamond Flower Cremation Ring

A flower is the perfect symbol of delicacy and femininity. It’s also a great visual reminder of the natural cycle of death and rebirth.

That’s what makes this sweet 14-karat flower design so subtle and meaningful.

The seller provides you with an easy-to-use collection kit to send along a portion of your loved one’s ashes in a prepaid envelope.

14k Gold Cremation Ring Blue Diamond Halo Ring

A circle of tiny gemstones forms a halo around a larger turquoise stone in the center.

A collection kit is provided to easily send your ashes to the seller. It takes about two months to create your ring.

Only a very small amount of ashes is needed in the process.

Memorial Ash 10K Princess Ring

This princess-cut diamond ring is simple enough for the minimalists out there, yet gorgeous enough for royalty.

The cubic zirconia gemstone sparkles from a setting of 10-karat white, yellow or rose gold.

Your loved one’s cremains are lovingly and securely placed behind the gemstone.

You need to send only about 1 teaspoonful of ashes to the seller to create the ring.

Art Nouveau Solid Sterling Ring

A tiny portion of your loved one’s ashes rests securely behind a stunning sapphire accent stone.

It is an appropriate remembrance for someone with a September birthday or anyone who loves that rare blue sparkle.

A setting of sterling silver gives the ring just the right amount of understated class.

Gold Sapphire Diamond Ring

A princess-cut sapphire gleams in a comforting shade of blue from a setting of sterling silver, encircled by smaller gems.

Ashes are placed behind the sapphire.

The ring has a majestic look which you can wear proudly every day.

Cremation Heart Sterling Silver CZ Stone Ring

A classic heart shape is the perfect way to symbolize the love you hold in your heart for someone you’ve lost.

This heart-shaped cubic zirconia accent stone gleams vividly from its sterling silver setting.

Appearances vary slightly from piece to piece because of the unique handmade nature of the item.

The seller will communicate with you clearly at every step of the process to include you in its creation.

Men’s Memorial Cremation Diamond Ring

Love, loyalty and friendship. These are the values that are symbolized by this striking men’s claddagh ring, and the perfect qualities to celebrate in someone you loved.

The traditional claddagh design is of clasped hands holding a heart, topped with a crown.

In a touch of true personalization, the hands clasp a glint of your loved one’s birthstone.

Pear Cut Moissanite Cremation Ring

A traditional pear cut along with the classy look of 14-karat yellow gold makes this cremation ring a rare find.

The setting has a delicate floral design framing an accent ring of sparkling moissanite.


This may be one of the subtlest of jewelry choices. Yet you will always feel the presence of your loved one close to you.

The right pair of earrings sparkles in a way that doesn’t cry out for attention and yet can’t fail to be noticed.

There are many different kinds of earrings that you might choose depending on your taste and the personality of the person you’re remembering.

Here are a few.

Turquoise Blue Drop Earrings

These turquoise earrings in the shape of teardrops are a touching testament to the love which lingers on after a loss. No one will guess that your loved one’s cremation ash is infused with the blue glass, but you will always know that they are close to you.

The earrings hang from a stainless steel hook. Discounts are available for multiple orders. A collection kit for the ashes will be sent to you for free.

Tie Dye Stud Earrings

These earrings are the perfect way to commemorate a sparkling, free spirit.  The rainbow colors also make it the perfect tribute to a pet who has passed over the “Rainbow Bridge.”

The stunning rainbow colors shine from within the glass, infused with your loved one’s cremains, and placed upon steel posts so you can wear them comfortably.

Each earring measures about a quarter-inch in diameter.

Night Swirl Earrings

The swirl of a starry galaxy appears within these dark-blue disc-shaped earrings. The colored glass is set on a backing of sterling silver plated bezels. Yellow highlights add to the starry quality.

The earrings are mounted on hooks; the bezels weigh under an ounce, so no need to fear they will be heavy on your ears.

A quarter-teaspoon of cremains are needed. A collection kit is sent to you to facilitate the process.

Statice Flower Earrings

Tiny flower blooms held within the glass discs are a beautiful reminder that life and the cycles of nature continue. A quarter-teaspoon of cremains are infused within the glass.

Extra care must be taken when wearing these earrings to avoid hot or chlorinated water, so they won’t be damaged.

But the crystal resin keeps both the flowers and the ashes carefully and lovingly preserved.

The earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks for easy and comfortable wear.

Glass Bead Earrings With Cremains

These glass beads come in a selection of stunning color variants. You can even specify a different color for each bead.

The colored glass is infused with a small amount of cremation ash and placed upon sterling silver findings.

Memorial Ash Sterling Silver Cremation Earrings

This 925 sterling silver encircles these deep blue cubic zirconia gems.

Your loved one’s ashes are securely placed behind the stunning accent stone.

No one else will know they’re there. But you will.

Arrangements are privately made with the seller for you to collect and mail a teaspoonful of ashes to be used in the earrings. They can be personalized to your precise specifications.

Forever One Certified Moissanite Stud Earrings

Each small but stunning moissanite stone comes in a secure four-pronged setting of 14-karat gold.

You have the option of choosing white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

This versatile style can be worn almost anywhere: while working, playing or dressing up for a formal occasion. They look good with absolutely anything.

And with a limited lifetime warranty, you can be sure of wearing them for many years to come.

14-Karat Gold Diamond Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are timeless and will never go out of style.

These simple but elegant earrings come in either white or yellow 14-karat gold.

The sparkle of natural diamond is appropriate for any event, whether casual or formal.

Another bonus: this seller comes with rave reviews for prompt and attentive service.

0.5 Carat Diamond Stud Earring

The tiny size of these 0.5 carat diamond studs do nothing to detract from their classic beauty.

The sparkle of natural diamonds is offset by 18-karat yellow gold.

A 5-millimeter butterfly back keeps these earrings dainty but secure.

They are so tiny that you’ll hardly know they’re there.

Yet they lend their quiet beauty to almost any outfit.

Heart Cremation Stud Earrings

These earrings may look tiny, but they pack a lot of sparkle, with over 50 cubic zirconia gemstones nestled within the small heart shapes.

The hearts are fashioned carefully using a small amount of your loved one’s ashes.

Classic Blue Diamond Earrings

Yet another pair of traditional diamond stud earrings…but this time in a striking shade of blue.

The gems measure just 2 millimeters across to create small points of sparkling blue light.

This azure sea-blue sparkle is set off by a sterling silver prong setting.

It catches the light, whether you’re outside in the sun or indoors under lights.

A round cut adds to the classic look.


Keepsake jewelry dates as far back as the Victorian era.

During this time, it was common to cherish lockets or mourning rings containing pictures or locks of hair.

Now with cremation becoming so popular, keepsake jewelry is experiencing a resurgence. And there is greater variety than ever before.

Whether it’s a lovely urn or a sweet locket, the perfect keepsake jewelry exists for any taste or personality.

Here are our picks.

Crescent Moon Necklace

This dainty 14-karat gold disc comes with a host of options for personalization.

It comes in white, rose or yellow gold, sparkling with 1-5  tiny diamond stars, according to your specifications.

It can also be engraved with an initial of your choosing.

The matte finish of the disc’s surface provides just the right contrast to the sharp, starry glitter.

Sterling Silver Diamond Keepsake Urn

This takes the classic teardrop shape one step further, with silver openwork encasing a stainless steel colored orb to resemble a real teardrop.

The orb itself is available in a variety of colors, including pale pink, fern green or sapphire blue.

The silver openwork chain also comes in a choice of several patterns: wave, snake, olink or steel ball.

Royal Blue Crystal Diamond Keepsake Pendant

A stainless steel pendant crafted in the shape of a diamond is the perfect container for a small amount of ashes to rest close to your heart.

A majestic swirl pattern, along with the deep blue Czech crystal enclosed inside, truly give it the appearance of royalty.

The pendant comes with a lovely gift box and a plastic funnel to help place the ashes.

Antique Rose Gold Monogrammed Locket

This pendant has all the quaint beauty of a Victorian locket, but with cutting-edge modern workmanship.

A tiny white gold square perfectly frames the glint of natural diamond.

A beautiful engraving in French script graces the back of the locket.

Unlike most of the other pendants featured here, this one does not come with its own chain. A chain must be purchased separately.

Diamond Gold Heart Locket Pendant

This heart-shaped locket comes with the smooth sheen of polished gold, along with the discreet sparkle of a tiny gemstone.

It has a vintage, antique look which is sure to turn heads.

Although this locket does not come with a chain, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and style.

The pendant measures 30 millimeters tall and 21 millimeters wide.

Cremation Diamonds


Over the past few years, Cremation Diamonds have become a very popular memorial option.

You might wonder how exactly this miraculous transformation takes place?

For those interested, I encourage you to check out this guide about turning ashes into diamonds.

For those looking for a cremation diamond provider or have some questions, I recommend you speak with one of our reputable cremation diamond experts.


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