14 Most Stylish Cremation Rings for Men

Cremation Rings For Men

Men’s Cremation Rings are a very popular choice for those looking for a stylish and masculine piece of cremation jewelry.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve created a list of our favorite cremation rings that are perfect for remembering a loved one or pet.

Phoenix Classic Titanium Memorial Ring

Just like the Phoenix that rises from ashes, so does this memorial ring incorporate cremains through a subtle, yet elegant design. The Phoenix Classic Titanium Men’s Memorial Ring was made of titanium, a metal known for its  strength and resilience.

What we like

  • The ring is made of strong and enduring Titanium which is a fitting choice for a tribute ring
  • We believe this will be a good choice for people that like subtle design

Asher Sandblasted Titanium Ashes Ring

The Asher Sandblasted Titanium Ashes Ring comes in a sandblasted finish, which gives it a rugged and unpretentious design. The unique combination with the matte titanium sleeve creates a unique remembrance ring that will suit people that are easy going.

What we like

  • We like the unique sandblasted finish of the titanium, and that it frames the ashes well.
  • We love the contemporary design 
  • This memorial ring will be an excellent choice to celebrate the life of a loved one

Midnight Memorial Ring

The Midnight Memorial Ring with Beveled Edges is both bold and sophisticated. It comes in a black ceramic sleeve that frame the ashes wonderfully. This ring was specially polished to be able to reflect the light.

What we like

  • Amazing-looking memorial ring that transcends time
  • A striking way to celebrate the life of a loved one
  • We like how well the Midnight ring reflects light

Gold Pinstripe Cremation Ashes Ring

The Gold Pinstripe Cremation Ashes Ring was made with black ceramic and it looks especially sophisticated and polished. We believe this stylish ring can be worn on any occasion due to its timeless design.

What we like

  • The two gold pinstripes that frame the ashes give this ring an especially sophisticated look
  • We like the polished black ceramic and how elegant it looks

Axel Meteorite Remembrance Ring

The Axel Meteorite Remembrance Ring was crafted using truly amazing materials. 

Genuine meteorite, polished titanium, oak wood sourced from whiskey barrels and the most important, your loved ones ashes, are all preserved in a protective coating. What you get is a truly unique memorial ring.

What we like

  • Amazing and unique materials come together to create this powerful ring
  • The whiskey barrel wood gives this ring a sense of warmth and comfort
  • According to some cultures meteorites posses spiritual energy

Kai Rosewood Cremation Ashes Ring

The Kai Rosewood Cremation Ashes Ring was made with Honduran rosewood which is well-known for its exceptional beauty and durability. The rosewood is matched with the strength of polished titanium to create a striking memorial ring. 

  • We love the timeless design that offers perfect balance between subtle and significant
  • The Honduran rosewood truly looks magnificent, and the ring was created to accentuate its natural beauty
  • We believe this will be a perfect choice for people that love nature and its designs

Magnus Mokume Gane Memorial Ring

The name of this remembrance ring carries a great significance, as Magnus represents high-end craftsmanship and Mokume is a Japanese technique for layering precious metals. What you get is a visualy captivating heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

  • Titanium adds exceptional strength to this memorial ring 
  • We like the intricate process of material blending to create this exceptional memorial ring
  • We believe this ring will be well suited for people that appreciate exceptional craftsmanship

Rex Guitar String Memorial Ring

The Rex Guitar String Memorial Ring was made to honor a person that had a strong bond with music. This personalized tribute ring combines the warmth of mahogany wood, the passion of a guitar string and the strength of titanium. What you get is a truly unique heirloom that will capture people’s attention.

  • This memorial ring will showcase the essence of your loved one’s musical soul
  • We like the creative craftsmanship and the excellent quality of this ring
  • The mahogany wood adds warmth to this memory keepsake ring

Jaxon Wood & Ashes Memorial Ring

The Jaxon Wood & Ashes Memorial Ring was made to suit people that like the classic style. It combines African black wood with Honduran Rose wood, both of them rare trees with exceptionally beautiful patterns.

  • We like the classic style of this memory keepsake ring and the gradient of colors that frame the ashes
  • The titanium metal will ensure the durability of the Jaxon ring
  • This ring carries deep symbolism, it embodies both the strength of African Blackwood and the warm and loving tones of the Honduran Rosewood; both layered with high-quality craftsmanship

Maximus Solid Gold Cremation Ring

The Maximus Solid Gold Cremation Ring was made to symbolise spirituality and the cycle of life. This luxurious memorial ring radiates the rich hues of Cocobolo wood, paired with solid gold to create an everlasting memorial.

  • We like the timeless elegance of the Maximus ring
  • The exotic Cocobolo wood layered inside the ring brings special charm to the design
  • We believe this will be a worthy tribute to a life that was extraordinary and unforgettable

Men’s Pet Memorial Rings

Maverick Gold Pinstripe Memorial Ring

The Maverick Gold Pinstripe Memorial Ring was created to honor a loved human or pet. It features a black ceramic sleeve and a gold pinstripe that frames the center of the ashes. The design looks very sophisticated.

What we like

  • A heartfelt tribute that will honor the life or your loved one
  • We like the bevelled edges that add a special charm to this memorial ring
  • We like the deep meaning behind the design: The black ceramic represents grief while the gold band is a symbolic reminder to the love that you share.

Easton Tungsten Pet Fur Memorial Ring

The Easton Tungsten Pet Fur Memorial Ring was made to bring you a sense of connection to your beloved pet. This memorial ring features exception craftsmanship that combines a Tungsten sleeve, 14K Rose Gold, and Rowan wood into a one of a kind tribute.

What we like

  • We like the elegant design that radiates warmth
  • The Rowan wood is well-known for its spiritual qualities, as it is considered a protector against negative energies by many cultures
  • True heartfelt tribute for people that want to express warmth and tenderness

Grayson Pet Memorial Ring With Ashes & Fur

The Grayson Pet Memorial Ring was crafted to celebrate the life of your pet in a stylish and respectful manner. It features a simple and elegant design that combines titanium with both the fur and the ashes of your precious companion.

What we like

  • We simply love the subtle design that speaks volumes 
  • A fitting tribute to honor the memory of a beloved pet 
  • We like the high-quality craftsmanship and the durability of the titanium

Onyx Black Burlwood Pet Fur Memorial Ring

The Onyx Black Burlwood Pet Fur Memorial Ring was crafted to represent the uniqueness of your beloved pet. The Tungsten sleeve showcases beautifully the rich grain of elder burl giving this memorial ring a timeless feel. 

What we like

  • We like the stylish contrast of the Tungsten metal against the Onyx Black Burlwood that create a truly stylish and meaningful memorial ring
  • We like the symbolism of the Onyx black pinstripe that brings strength and protection to the wearer
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