50 Stunning Pieces Of Cremation Glass Art That You Can Buy

You may be wondering how the words “cremation and art” could possibly be related?

However you might be surprised to know that cremation art is a really popular option for ashes.

If you are seeking something more creative, beautiful, and alternative, these cremation glass art pieces might be for you.

What is Cremation Glass Art?

They are a strikingly beautiful choice for remembering the deceased. Most of these can provide a method of displaying the loved one’s cremains in glass.

For instance, you could set them on a table in front of a window or a mantel in your home. Another perfect place would be on your patio or lawn.

There are so many ideas of what to do with ashes. So if you are considering using the remains also for interment, diamonds, or scattering, there will be plenty of ashes for cremation art pieces as well.

Fortunately, only a tiny amount of the cremated remains are necessary to create them.

Blown Glass Process

Blown Glass Process

People who craft these stunning objects are definitely artists in every sense of the word.

You may have even visited a place that makes blown glass art. Or possibly, you’ve seen the process demonstrated somewhere such as a festival.

The artist starts by dipping a blow pipe into a container of liquid glass and scoops up some on the end. Then as someone blows into the pipe, the artist spins, manoeuvres, and molds this glob of molten glass into a magnificent work of art.

Memorial glass art is made the same, however a small amount of the ashes is incorporated into the artwork.

Glass Ashes Pendants & Necklaces

Hanging close to your heart, they look no different from any other kind of jewelry.

And yet, they conceal the remains of your loved one, which you can carry around with you everywhere you go.

Cremation pendants are wonderfully diverse, too. You can find them in almost any shape, color or size. Some even come with custom engraving.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Spiral Galaxy Cremation Pendant

This stunning pendant comes in a spiral shape with a deep blue background, giving it a timeless look and feel.

Your loved one’s ashes are infused into the glass, seemingly propelled into an endless vortex on a path to immortality.

The pendant is between ¾ of an inch and 1 inch wide.

It comes with a black satin cord. However, a sterling silver snake chain can be ordered instead for an additional cost.

Spiral Galaxy Cremation Pendant

This clear pendant beautifully displays your loved one’s ashes in a delicate swirl design.

The clear design means that the swirl of ashes forms a beautiful contrast to your skin or clothing.

The pendant measures just about an inch wide, and comes on a black satin cord.

It’s the perfect way to honor a loved one’s memory by carrying such a beautiful reminder with you.

Purple Nebula Cremation Pendant

A background in many shades of vivid purple is perfect for emphasizing the understated beauty of your loved one’s ashes, arranged in a swirl design.

These colors will bring you a comforting sensation of peace whenever you look at them.

The nebula shape proves the perfect visual to evoke the eternal nature of the skies and the heavens.

Words (and photos) truly cannot do justice to how beautiful this piece of cremation jewelry is.

Teardrop Cremation Pendant

A teardrop shape speaks to the grief you feel after losing a loved one.

But your loved one’s ashes, mixed with iridescent glass bubbles inside the teardrop, remind you that they are never really far away.

Despite its simplicity, this pendant is sure to get you positive comments and compliments everywhere you go. And the comfort it brings you is really indescribable.

Like the other pendants described, it’s a wonderful way to honor a lost pet, too.

Cobalt Cremation Ash Pendant

This pendant combines your loved one’s ashes with a pattern of realistic bubbles. These combine with striking results in a single layer, appearing almost three-dimensional. A backing of deep solid cobalt blue enhances this effect.

This is a wonderful way to find closure on a loss, especially if you’ve held onto your loved one’s ashes for a while without knowing what to do with them.

Galaxy Cremation Bead

The combination of ashes and bubbles together, against a background of deep blue, will truly make you feel that your loved one has become one with the endlessness of the galaxy.

The effect is achieved through a double layer of ashes and bubbles which are infused in the clear glass. This pattern entwines itself around the cobalt blue center.

The small, 1-inch-wide bead can be worn on a black cord (which is included) or on a sterling silver chain, which can be purchased separately.

Green Pawprint Pet Cremation Ash Pendant

Green is the color of rebirth and new life.

So a tiny green paw print is the perfect decorative detail to memorialize a beloved pet.

Your pet’s ashes form a background to the paw print, which appears to float over a blue as ethereal as a mountain lake.

Red Pawprint Pet Cremation Ash Pendant

The bold red shade of this tiny paw print speaks to the passionate love you still have for your lost pet, and the vivid mark he or she left on your life.

The blue glass background adds a peaceful, eternal quality.

If you want something more elegant than the black cord it comes with, you can always order a sterling silver chain for a different look.

Sunrise Cremation Ash Pendant

There are few things more comforting and peaceful than the ocean at sunrise.

This pendant gives you that within a simple clear glass bead.

Your loved one’s precious ashes mix with a bubble pattern to give the illusion of white caps on a pale blue ocean.

Tints of purple and orange paint the hues of sunrise above it, symbolizing the new day that is dawning for the person or pet that you lost.

Cobalt Teardrop Cremation Pendant 

It may be small, but this clear glass teardrop holds all the purity of love.

A swirl of vivid blue mixes with your loved one’s ashes to make a uniquely beautiful remembrance.

It is about 1 inch tall. Colors may vary slightly, but you are sure to be blown away by its dazzling beauty no matter what.

You also get a lovely blue jar and silk bag for dignified storage.

Ruby Teardrop Cremation Pendant

If your loved one had a fiery soul as bold as a red ruby, this pendant is a perfect remembrance of them.

A small portion of ashes is swirled together with bright red glass, keeping their memory vibrantly alive.

This vividly colorful memorial is encased within a small clear glass teardrop, hanging close to your heart on a black satin cord.

It may end up being the most meaningful piece of jewelry you own.

Forest Teardrop Cremation Pendant

A green forest is a wonderful symbol of nature’s cycles of death and rebirth, sure to bring comfort as you grieve.

Amazingly, this tiny glass pendant holds all that symbolism beautifully within it.

A swirl of lovely forest green glass is infused with your loved one’s ashes, symbolizing the cycles of new life.

A clear teardrop shape represents how much you miss them, even as life goes on.

Glass Orbs

Smooth, clear and timeless, a glass orb makes an understated but beautiful addition to any home decor.

To your guests, they look like any decoration or paperweight. But you will always carry the secret knowledge that a tangible reminder of your loved one is tucked discreetly and beautifully inside.

The circular shape of an orb is a perfect symbol for the endlessness of eternity, and makes it a perfect memorial.

Purple Color Glass Orb Paperweight

Several regal shades of purple swirl together with your loved one’s ashes in this hand-blown glass orb.

The ashes appear like tiny bubbles floating around the purple core.

Each orb is custom-made, so yours is sure to be different from any other.

Keep in mind that no collection kit is sent to you. Instead, you will receive detailed instructions for mailing a small amount of ash to make the orb.

Cool Mix Color Glass Orb Paperweight

It takes many colors to truly represent the personality of your lost loved one. And this unique mixed color glass orb gives you that.

Sparkles of bright yellow, pink, and purple mix with serene shades of blue, green and earthy brown in a vibrant swirl of color.

Anyone who sees it displayed in your home is sure to notice it and comment.

Only you will know that your loved one’s ashes form the delicate bubbles swirling right along with the gorgeous colors inside.

Amber Color Swirl Glass Orb Paperweight

Cheerful yet pleasantly intense at the same time, amber is the perfect color to memorialize someone special to you.

Several shades of stunning amber glass are infused with your loved one’s ashes inside this eye-catching orb-shaped paperweight.

Small but spectacular, the orb measures about three inches across.

Remember to include shipping costs in your budget, as they are not included in the cost of the item.

Green Color Ash Swirl Glass Orb

Several shades of green are swirled together with your loved one’s ashes to evoke all the renewing comfort of nature.

The paperweight is hand-made, starting with chunks of green colored glass to which layers are added containing the ashes.

The pattern of the swirl is random, making each orb different.

Blown Glass Cremation Urns:

You probably have a perception that a cremation urn usually looks very traditional and standard.

But you’ll be pleased to know that there are some very talented artists who have created some fantastic pieces.

Below are just a few stunning memorials.

Silverlight Urns Synergy Hand Blown Glass Urn

With its unusual shape and its bright glossy shades of yellow and black, this urn will definitely stand out.

The unusual detail of a lid shaped like a bowler hat gives it added dramatic flair.

Though it appears delicate, this urn is sturdy enough to stand up to the test of the time. And the lid is guaranteed to seal securely.

The urn is large enough to hold the ashes of an adult who weighed 214 pounds or less at the time of cremation.

Serenade Hand Blown Glass Urn:

The Serenade Hand Blown Glass Urn is a beautiful example of cremation art.

This handmade urn has a multi-color with a “sprinkle” finish that is suitable for the remains of an adult.

Its unique and aesthetic design is fitting for a person who was a colorful character.

The Sonata Blown Glass Urn:

This finely crafted glass urn is truly unique.

The design

With a gray background accentuating swirls of deep amber, green, and blue, this is an urn to celebrate a spirit that was both quietly understated and daringly vivid.

It’s a tall cylindrical urn whose beauty and artistry will stun visitors wherever it is placed.

Where to buy

For a closer look at the urn and to buy, go to their online store.

Lumos Blue Handmade Keepsake Urn:

It’s impossible to describe in words the breathtaking beauty of this spectacular urn.

The cobalt blue background is even more striking when paired with feathered ripple of iridescent pearl white.

Beautiful around the home

It’s vase shape will make it fit in perfectly with any decor.

Celebrate the glowing vibrancy of your lost loved one forever with this durable and striking urn.

Where to buy

For more information and to purchase, check out their Amazon store.

Emerald River Glass Cremation Urn:

For the spirit who cherished rivers or loved shades of emerald, this urn is just right.

The design

A graceful river-like pattern of silver and gold adorns a misty emerald background, giving the urn a look that’s reminiscent of a verdant Irish countryside.

The urn is solid and durable, weighing in at 8 pounds and measuring 7 inches tall.

It’s an ideal way to celebrate the eternal flow of life even while mourning a death.

Where to buy

For the best price, visit their online Amazon store for more information.

Cremation Lamps

As functional as it is beautiful, an artistically-crafted glass lamp keeps your loved one close to you every time you reach over to turn the light on.

It’s a wonderfully symbolic way to remember their influence on your life.

Purple Butterfly Keepsake Lamp:

OneWorld Memorials have crafted an elegant stained glass reminiscent of a Tiffany lamp.

The design

The gorgeous mosaic, in varying shades of purple, displayed in the wings give an impression both of opulence and free-spiritedness.

The detail of a wooden rose carved on the base completes the effect.

Where to buy

Go to the OneWorld Memorial store to get a closer look at this lamp and to purchase.

Mission Style Cremation Memory Lamp:

Another beautiful Tiffany-inspired option is this beautiful memory lamp.

The design

The geometric design and soothing shade of blue both evoke comforting feelings of eternity.

A jewel of deep indigo set in each side makes these shades of blue even more spectacular, as if you were observing the sky and the ocean on a clear sunny day.

Engrave a special message

Personal engraving can be added to the durable, resin-cast base. You can add your loved one’s name, dates, or even a special quote.

Does not hold ashes

Unlike the Butterfly Lamp, this memory lamp only is not designed to hold ashes.

Where to buy

Check out their online store to purchase this elegant memorial.

Blue Floral Keepsake Lamp:

OneWorld Memorials offers another stunning option for storing ashes.

Tiffany-style stained glass pieces are arranged into a flower-like pattern in varying shades of blue and green.

A sweet carving on the base depicts a climbing butterfly among tiny wooden flowers.

The lamp will lift your heart even as it brightens your space.

Where to buy

Go to the OneWorld Memorial store to get a closer look at this lamp and to purchase.

Cremation Glass Jewelry

Delicate, lovely, and memorable as life itself, glass and jewelry just seem to naturally go together, especially when it comes to memorializing a lost loved one.

Butterfly Urn Necklace for Ashes:

You can store a small portion of ashes in this stainless steel butterfly with glass wings.

It’s like a traditional locket, only much more unique and beautiful.

A funnel is included to make it easier to put ashes inside the tiny compartment.

Another option is to place a lock of hair or a dried flower within it.

The necklace comes with a 20-inch stainless steel chain and an elegant, red-velvet box.

Infinity Keepsakes Necklace:

This pendant is made with vibrant purple glass is etched with the words “Always in my heart”.

The pendant even comes with a fill kit and an 18-inch stainless steel chain.

Both the pendant and the chain are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin.

They are also guaranteed not to scratch or tarnish.

With Me Always Necklace:

The glass pendant is a beautiful rhinestone blue with the inscription “With Me Always” laser-engraved on it.

A 20-inch cross chain necklace is included with the package, as are a funnel and pick for easily placing ashes inside.

The pendant comes in an elegant velvet bag.

It’s a striking memento that can be displayed on a mantel or of course worn as a necklace.

Murano Glass Flower Heart Pendant:

This heart-shaped glass pendant is decorated with a pattern of tiny multi-colored flowers.

It is one of the most inexpensive options for cremation art jewelry that you’ll find on the market.

Both the pendant and the chain are made of long-lasting stainless steel, with a guarantee against rust and corrosion.

It’s also scratch resistant and won’t discolor your skin.


Glass beads of different colors are quite popular right now. Some are strung on a silver bracelet and others on a stretchy cord.

There’s no reason for it to be limited to a bracelet. Why not an anklet as well?

Sunshine Cross Charm Bracelet:

If the memory of your loved one brings feelings of warmth and cheer like sunshine, this bracelet may be just for you.

A circle of alternating stainless steel and bright yellow glass beads is adorned by a simple cross charm, which also functions as a discreet urn for ashes.

You can have a deeply spiritual but sunny reminder of your loved one every time you look down at your wrist.

The pieces are strung securely along a black satin cord.

Glass Bead & Stainless Steel Bracelet:

The ashes are stored in a stainless steel heart that is also a decorative charm on the bracelet.

Decorative stainless steel beads alternate with pretty glass beads in different shades and patterns.

There are a total of 11 color combination options to choose from such as Celestial Blue, Emerald Green, Memorial Pink, and many more.

Glass Cremation Rings

Think of how many times you see your own hands throughout the day. With a ring, you can think of your loved one each time.

A particularly lovely choice is the combination of sterling silver and cremation glass. Order it in the birthstone of the deceased or in your favorite color.

This is a ring that you can wear always. The design is timeless and perfect for future generations.

The Macha Glass Cremation Ring:

If you love the look of delicate glass in a ring, this will be a lovely choice.

In a unique process, crystal clear glass in shades of clear blue and green is melted in layers with the ashes of your loved one’s remains.

The result is a uniquely beautiful and personal memento.

Ariel Glass Cremation Ring:

The same spectacularly unique process and maker as the Macha ring.

The ashes are beautifully layered with delicate, clear pink crystal.

Tiny pink crystals also encircle the sterling silver band.

To make your ring even more unique, you can choose from an array of specialized extras, such as a dazzling holographic effect.

Each stone is handcrafted individually, so yours is certain to be different from any other, just like the personality of your loved one.

Once you’ve placed your order, simply send a teaspoon of ashes in the return shipping label.

Glass Orbs & Balls

Red Ball hanging from Tree

Hanging Glass Orb by Beyond the Urn

Each orb is unique from one another as the light will reflect through in its own distinctive way. Choose to keep it clear with swirls of color within, or select other hues for the orb itself.

They are sometimes called gazing balls. Sit them on a place in your home where there is plenty of sunlight. Watch the colors and magical reflections light the room as it shines through from different angles.

Sunny Ocean Glass Orb by Spirit Pieces

Also an especially nice place is your patio or on a tree where it can capture even more light . When the sun shines through, it will have the same effect as stained glass by reflecting the multiple colors.


Paperweight Heart By Spirit Pieces

What a nice way to keep your departed with you, even at work. You don’t have to worry about squeamish co-workers. Don’t to tell them that your loved one has accompanied you to work.

Paperweight by Spirit Pieces

They will never guess and instead, you’ll get their compliments throughout the day.

Memorial Flames

Flame Glass

Flame Glass by Spirit Pieces

An extraordinary and visually pleasing blown glass memorial and one of my personal favorites. As its name implies, it’s a flame shaped sculpture.

Some are made with a glimmering spiral design, made from the cremains. They swirl up the center, which enhances the flame effect. Purchase an illuminated and revolving stand, which adds even more to the optimal effect.

Memorial Flame by Spirit Pieces

Glass Vases

A new and unique method of keeping fresh flowers at your loved one’s resting place. Put them in an eye-catching blown glass vase. Imagine fresh flowers or a beautiful silk arrangement held by a vase created with your loved one’s cremains.

Glass Flowers

Blown Glass Flower By Beyond the Urn

An irreplaceable design are these complex blown glass flowers. Spirit Pieces offers one complete with a hummingbird fluttering close-by. Some varieties have a hook for hanging a tiny bottle, containing the cremains. An absolutely distinctive conversation piece.

Pet Ashes Glass Art

Tossing touchstone in a favorite place

Pet Touchstones by Infusion Glass

We would never forget our beloved pets and their unconditional love. It’s a particular love that can rarely be received from another person.

You will definitely want a commemorative symbol to keep your precious pet’s spirit alive.

Touching Stones

Touching stones are a good choice. They are smooth glass stones that contain the pet’s cremains, made in multiple colors.

Keep them in your pocket and the next time you have an urge to pet your beloved animal, take out a stone and rub it.

On the other hand, perhaps you find yourself in a special location, such as a favorite fishing hole where you both loved to go. Take out one of the stones and toss it in the water.

You’re only limited by your imagination. If you’re a cremating a pet, whether cat or dog, all of these memorials can be used.

What Art Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are limitless types of cremation art. Virtually, if you can imagine it, then it can be created.

Furthermore, there is only a tiny amount of cremated remains required for any of these art pieces. Meaning you will still have a large amount of cremated remains to scatter or bury, if that is your wish.

Any of these would be an option for sharing a memorial keepsake with people who also loved him or her.

Perhaps you or your loved one had a passion for art and beauty. All of these and more would offer a memento specifically made for them.

Cremation art provides a way to keep their memories alive every day.


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