The Complete Funeral Planning Checklist For 2023

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Funeral Arrangements

Method of disposition

Probably the biggest decision is choosing between a traditional burial or cremation.

Of course there are a number of other methods such as water cremation, entombment, or eco friendly burials.

If you’re not entirely sure, we suggest you take some time to read some of our expert guides.

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Relavant guides:

Choosing a funeral home:

After you’ve chosen a suitable funeral director, they will help you go through some important decisions.

  • Deciding on burial or cremation (See above)
  • Deciding where the service and/or ceremony will be (Also time and date)
  • Deciding on a casket or cremation container
  • Whether to use embalming (Required for an open casket
  • Choosing a cemetery and plot (If interment is chosen)
  • Purchasing a grave marker for the cemetery
  • Charitable donations to organizations

The Ceremony & Service

  • Crafting an appropriate service (Religious, spiritual, end of life celebration, etc)
  • Choosing a family member, religious leader, or celebrant to run the service
  • Family viewing and visitation
  • Choosing funeral music, scriptures, prayers, and readings
  • Organising transportation- for family and the deceased

  • Organising flower arrangements
  • Writing an obituary and submitting it to newspapers (If desired)
  • Choosing a speaker for the eulogy
  • Deciding on pallbearers
  • Organising a wake or ceremony after the service (Location and catering)
  • Create memorial cards and programs for the service
  • Choose photos, videos, clothing, mementos for the service
  • Create a memorial register or guest book

What to when someone dies:

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