These 13 Biodegradable Urns Are Perfect For Water Scattering

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping families plan scattering of ashes ceremonies.

But I have to say that a ceremony by the water is probably my favourite.

But it also requires a little bit of careful planning and reading, to avoid any mishaps on the important day.

If you’re planning to scatter at sea, there are a few biodegradable urns for water on the market.

From the feedback of families, I decided to make a list of the top 8 water urns on the market.

These urns are great because of their aesthetics, quality, and value for money.

Good luck, hope you find what you need!

Scattering ashes in water

As mentioned, the ashes can be poured directly into the water. But of late, it has become preferable to contain the ashes in a biodegradable urn beforehand.

If you’re planning a scattering at sea ceremony, I highly recommend you read the Cremation Institute’s guide which goes through the whole process.

What does a biodegradable urn usually include?

The type of urn is very important. Many urns that are intended for a ground burial, do not easily dissolve in water. It could take a very long time to break down.

Urns that are specifically made for a water burial will dissolve quickly.

The urn

There are a huge variety of water urns, which we will discuss later.

Water soluble biodegradable bag

Included with the urn will be a water-soluble bag. The ashes are placed into the bag and attached to or placed in the urn, in some manner.

When the urn begins to dissolve, the bag will start to get wet. When that occurs, the ashes will gradually be released from the bag.

Types of biodegradable urns available

While there are too many to name here, we have included some of the most popular below.

Journey Biodegradable Floating Container:

The journey urn is a best seller for water burial containers. Attractive and economical, it’s a lovely blue shade with flecked texture. Made from paper, it easily dissolves in water.

The design & materials

The container is constructed with paper made from Mulberry tree bark and reclaimed cardboard. No mulberry trees are destroyed.

After the cremains are placed in the included bag, they are inserted into the container. It is folded with an attractive band, which keeps it closed.

Scattering the ashes

After being placed in the water, it floats briefly and breaks down within minutes. It is also suitable for an earth burial.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this biodegradable urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

Biodegradable Floating Turtle Urn:

This turtle urn is hand made in Mexico and is truly a work of art. They are frequently released into the ocean, but can be used on any body of water.

It appears very lifelike as it drifts across the water.

The turtle urn is very affordable, costing much less than a traditional funeral.

Very durable

It’s constructed with paper but highly durable. Therefore it can be purchased years in advance.

The opening in the bottom is where the ashes are placed. You will then close and seal it with the provided supplies.

Set it free along with your loved one and watch it float away to eventually submerge.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this turtle urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

Biodegradable Urn- The Lily:

This attractive and unique urn will give you a lingering memory of a lily floating gracefully on the water as you say your last goodbye.

The details of nine intricate leaves with an airbrushed coral flower in the center appear amazingly lifelike.

This will add a wonderful visual effect to photographs of the ceremony, too.

Formed of biodegradable clay and cotton, the lily begins to biodegrade when it gets wet or is buried.

A flat base makes it easy to display during a memorial service prior to the burial, if desired.

Oceanside Shell Coral Scattering Urn:

This is a relatively large urn, 17 inches in diameter.

Incredible details make it look exactly like a beautiful shell resting on ocean sand.

Most appropriate for an ocean scattering, it will float briefly before sinking and beginning to biodegrade.

The sight of this shell urn gracefully floating on the water will be a memorable image to capture in photographs and in your heart.

Biodegradable Shell Urn:This American made shell is indeed a thing of beauty. Custom made, your lovely shell will be one of a kind.

It is crafted from reclaimed paper and clay and hand painted by talented artists.

Easy to transport

Another added feature is a handmade case for easy transport, which is also recyclable.

Large capacity

The shell urn will hold an amazing 400 cubic inches of ashes, which could be used as a companion urn or for a large person.

Appropriate for purchasing far in advance, durable enough to last for years before using.

Also affordable, it can cost thousands less than the price of a funeral.

Help the environment

In addition, a donation will be made in the name of your loved one to help protect the ocean’s environment and to conserve marine wildlife.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this shell urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

Oceane Sand Water Burial Urn:This Oceane Sand Urn is one of the more popular choices.

It’s in the shape of a vase with a lid on top. On the side are foot prints that appear to be walking up the side.

Possibly a good choice for a person of faith.

It’s made with all natural and biodegradable materials.

Scattering of ashes in water or earth

After it’s released into water, it will dissolve within a short amount of time. However, this urn is appropriate for burial in the earth as well. It will take about three months to biodegrade in dirt.

The ashes are contained in the included water soluble bag, which you will put into the urn before the scattering.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this sea urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

Himalayan Salt Sea Urn:

You will be amazed at the remarkable beauty of this urn. Made from Himalayan Rock Salt, which is thought to be over 200 million years old.

The design

They are handmade from a solid block of salt therefore yours will be distinctive. The salt from which it’s made has a warm orange hue.

Suitable for water and earth

This particular urn can be utilized for either a water or earth burial. In water, it will dissolve within only a few hours. In the ground will take about three months.

In either case, the urn and your loved one will return to the natural elements from which they came.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this salt urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

The Lily at Peace Floating Urn:

Made in the USA, the Lily at Peace is one of the loveliest urns. It is a stunning method of scattering the ashes of your dearly departed.

As it floats away, it inspires a tranquil ambiance as you set your loved one free.

The design & materials

It is completely eco-friendly, made from cotton and clay. Nine leaves are arranged in a 21-inch wide circle, creating a realistic and natural vessel for the ashes.

A biodegradable bag is included in which you will place the ashes. That is then positioned into a bowl, which attaches beneath the urn with clips and glue. All these supplies are included.

The bottom of the bowl is flat, which enables you to display it during a memorial service.

Scattering of ashes

Someone will place it on the water from a boat or the shore. Depending on the water, it will float approximately 30 seconds up to three minutes before submerging.

This biodegradable urn is also suitable for soil as well.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this floating urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

Seaside Shell Urn For Water:

This is a large urn with the image of a shell cast on freeform blue, highlighted with gold accents.

The artwork and detail of this urn is visually stunning.

A special additive allows the urn to float on the water, despite its large size.

Calm waters will give it a longer float time before sinking.

Calla Lily Eco Urn:

An economical yet beautiful urn choice. This urn is a lovely method of scattering ashes, with three white Calla Lily, which is the symbol for restored innocence and virtue.

Material & size

It’s 17-inches across and will hold over 20-cubic inches of ashes. Made from cotton and clay, it’s completely biodegradable.

What’s included

A biodegradable bag, bowl, and clips are also included. A 5-inch base is under the bowl for displaying on a flat surface during a service.

It contains an additive that makes it buoyant in order to float.

After removing the clips, it is placed on the water and allowed to float away. The time before it sinks is up to three minutes.

The Calla Lily urn can be buried in the earth as well.

Made in the USA.

How to purchase

If you wish to purchase this water urn or want to find more about it, click through to their online store.

Simple Scattering Containers

In this simple but powerful ritual, a scattering tube can be used to transport the ashes to the location.

The ashes can then be released from the tube and scattered dramatically over the water.

The best options for scattering tubes are biodegradable, making your end-of-life celebration even more eco-friendly.

Pasco Biodegradable Container:

This is a set of three plain tubes of kraft cardboard.

These containers are ideal if you want to have several participants in the scattering ceremony.

They can be customized to meet your needs and reflect your memories.

They have telescopic lids and are fully biodegradable.

One more bonus: they are easy to transport while travelling by air.

Be aware that you may need an additional container, as some have found that these were not quite large enough to hold all the cremains.

Ocean Sunset Scattering Tube

This unique and lovely container features a detailed image of a beautiful beachside sunset.

The vibrant colors of the sunset contrast with the calm blue of sea and sky to give you a powerful message of comfort and hope.

The tube is crafted of durable but eco-friendly paper components.

The lid closes securely, but can be removed with ease when you are ready to scatter the ashes.

The tube can be easily recycled, and contains no metal or plastic.

If your loved one adored lakes or oceans, and was committed to keeping them pristine, this is the perfect container to honor him or her.

These 13 Biodegradable Urns Are Perfect For Water Scattering
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