The Best Wooden Cremation Boxes Made By Artists

When choosing an urn for a loved one, you don’t have to go over the top with something extravagant.

In fact, most of us are looking for something simple yet elegant, that will fit in nicely at home.

If this is you, I would recommend a lovely wooden cremation box.

These handmade urns come in a lot sizes and suitable for both humans and pets.

Take a look at my favorite urn boxes below and see if one might be perfect for you.

Handmade Whiskey & Wine Barrel Wooden Urn Boxes

When searching for a memorial, my personal recommendation is to choose a handmade urn. They cost a bit more, but you get what you pay for.

Each urn is made by a skilled artisan, the design is modern/elegant, the wood is friendly and high quality.

And if you or you loved one was a wine lover, I’d highly recommend one these wooden urns below. These urns are made by skilled artisans, using reclaimed wood from local wineries and whiskey distilleries.

What’s lovely is that each box is one of a kind, as every piece of wood has their urn unique grains and markings.

They’re available in 6 sizes, depending on your needs. Here are all the options.

Napa White Oak Urn Box

Napa White Oak Urn Box

  • Materials: Handmade with reclaimed wood white oak
  • Urn Capacity: 240 cubic inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 12″ (Length) x 8″ (Width) x 8. (Height)
  • Interior Dimensions: 8.75″(Length) x 4.5 inches (Width) x 6.75″ (Height
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains
  • For every urn that is sell, ten trees are planted

Sonoma White Oak Companion Urn

  • Materials: Handmade with reclaimed wood / white oak / wine & whiskey barrels
  • Urn Capacity: 480 cubic inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 11″ (Length) x 8.5″ (Width) x 9.5″ (Height)
  • Interior Dimensions: 9.25″ (Length) x 6.75″ (Width) x 8.5″ (Height)
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains
  • For every urn that is sell, ten trees are planted

Hunter Wooden Adult Urn

  • Materials: Handmade with reclaimed wood / white oak / wine & whiskey barrels
  • Capacity: 240 cubic inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 10.5″ (Length) x 7.5″ (Width) x 7″ (Height)
  • Interior Dimensions: 8.5″ (Length) x 5″ (Width) x 6.5″ (Height)
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains
  • For every urn that is sell, ten trees are planted

Lexington Family Sharing Urn Box

  • Materials: Handmade with reclaimed wood / white oak / wine & whiskey barrels
  • Urn capacity: 80 cubic inches
  • Exterior dimensions: 5.25″ (Length) x 5.25″ (Width) x 7″ (Height)
  • Interior dimensions: 3.5″ (Length) x 3.5″ (Width) x 6.5″ (Height)
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains
  • For every urn that is sell, ten trees are planted

Woodford Mini Cremation Urn Box

  • Materials: Handmade with reclaimed wood / white oak / wine & whiskey barrels
  • Urn capacity: 25 cubic inches
  • Exterior dimensions: 4.5″ (Length) x 4.5″ (Width) x 5″ (Height)
  • Interior dimensions: 2.5″ (Length) x 2.5″ (Width) x 2.5″ (Height)
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains
  • For every urn that is sell, ten trees are planted

Juniper Wooden Keepsake Urn Box

  • Materials: Handmade with reclaimed wood / white oak / wine & whiskey barrels
  • Urn capacity: 3 cubic inches
  • Exterior dimensions: 2.5″ (Length) x 2.5″ (Width) x 3.5″ (Height)
  • Interior dimensions: 1″ (Length) x 1″ (Width) x 3″ (Height)
  • Suitable for human and pet cremains
  • For every urn that is sell, ten trees are planted

Other Wooden Urn Boxes

Bailey Rustic Oak Large Urn Box

The handmade Bailey Urn Box has a rustic charm with its roughly sawn white oak exterior with interesting lines and edges that took centuries in the making. Each piece is handmade by local artisans. For each urn that is sold you are supporting a local business that uses eco-friendly materials and practices.

  • Material: Rough sawn white oak
  • Urn capacity: 280 cubic inches
  • Urn dimensions: 12″ (Length) x 8″ (Wide) x 8″ (Height)
  • Comes with a plastic container insert

Berkeley Cherry Urn Box

The Berkeley Urn Box is handcrafted with cherry wood, featuring lovely wood grain patterns and warm reddish hues. The urn has an eco-friendly finish of 100% beeswax and natural oil that brings out the innate beauty of the cherry wood exterior.

  • Materials: Rustic cherry wood
  • Urn capacity: 240 cubic inches
  • Urn dimensions: 8″ (Length) x 6.25″ (Wide) x 9.5″ (Height)
  • Comes with a plastic container insert

Meredith Walnut & Cherry Urn Box

The Meredith wooden urn box offers an enchanting vessel for storing the ashes of a beloved family member or pet who has passed on. The item is specially hand crafted by local artisans, featuring walnut and cherry wood and a striking Roman ogee edge on the underside and top. The wood of the cherry tree is revered by the Japanese due to its symbolic meaning of abundance and purity. On the other hand, walnut represents wisdom and discernment. 

The nuts from a walnut tree are linked with strength and carrying hidden riches within. This could offer a meaningful way to store the precious last remains of the person you are commemorating while giving you the courage to carry you through this very difficult time. Each memorial urn is one-of-kind due to the innate nature of the raw materials used to make the item. The box opens with four screws on the bottom and can hold 240 cubic inches of cremains.

Madison Walnut Urn Box

If you have lost a family member, friend, or beloved pet recently and are looking for the perfect wooden cremation urn box, then this item is the ideal fit. Each item is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with solid walnut wood that grows indigenously in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. This type of wood is long-lasting and robust, often used in carpentry for making wooden floors, furniture, and doors.  It is a highly functionally material choice because of its strength and resistance to impact or warping. Walnut signifies gathering of energy, focus, and clarity to carry you through the loss of the special person or animal you are commemorating. 

What makes this box a standout option is the distinct 45 degree chamfered edge and miter corner joinery. It is accompanied with a temporary plastic inert to insert the ashes of the departed person. The box easily opens on the bottom with four wooden screws and you can store up to 240 inches of remains. This cremation urn box is truly exceptional and offers a heartwarming way to pay your last respects.

Winslow Oak Urn Box

The Winslow urn box is a popular cremation vessel due to the aesthetically pleasing red oak that is used during the manufacturing process. This type of wood is known for its attractive light brown color, bristly texture, and straight wood grain pattern. Skilled artisans use their unique skills to craft each urn from scratch, using natural and eco-friendly materials. This item has a classy appeal with its beveled corners and distinct wooden patterns. Red oak trees have long been symbolically linked to fertility, justice, longevity, honesty, endurance, and strength, perhaps these characteristics remind you of the departed person. 

The remains can be placed in the included plastic insert and added to the underside of the urn that opens with four screws. The box can hold up to 240 cubic inches of remains and is a heartwarming remembrance token for celebrating the memory of someone that played a significant role in your life. 

Arden Walnut Wooden Cremation Urn

The wooden box is an excellent choice for a more contemporary look.

A vertical design combined with a dark, smooth look and feel of solid walnut makes this box simple, unique, and beautiful.

It’s a great addition to any living space, no matter what your decor.

The sturdy wood and stable construction will stand up to the test of time.

Montana Woodworks Walnut Companion Urn

This urn has the reassuringly solid look and feel of sturdy walnut.

It’s finished in smooth lacquer and has a beautiful maple cross inlaid on the top.

The box has a capacity of 400 cubic inches, so it has ample space for the cremains of two people.

The ashes can be placed by unscrewing a board at the bottom of the urn. The rest of the urn is all in one smooth piece, and holds cremains securely.

Although the urn does not come with personalization, you can easily order an engraved nameplate from a jeweler to be placed on the box.

NWA Human Urn With Custom Engraving

A hand-carved design of delicate flowers and stems graces the edges of this beautiful hardwood urn.

The urn has a 250 cubic inch capacity.

It also comes with an elegant plate of brass finish with gold engraving. Choose “Customize Now” at checkout to personalize with your loved one’s name and other relevant details.

Even with engraving, the box is guaranteed to arrive in a timely fashion.

Most reviewers have noted that the box looks even better in person than it does in the picture.

Problems with ordering or engraving the box are speedily resolved by customer support.

The Favorite Place Burial Urn Box

This eco-friendly box can be buried in the ground or used for a scattering ceremony.

The delicate design of a shell is embossed on swirled white quartz metallic paper, making this an ideal memorial for a loved one who found peace in the sand and surf.

The box is made of clay and cotton material which degrades naturally in earth or water.

It holds 80 cubic inches of cremains. At this size, it is ideal for holding a small portion of ashes.

It adds visual appeal to any memorial service, whether on land or sea.

Star India Craft Tree of Life Rosewood Box

This uniquely beautiful rosewood box features a delicate carving of a tree of life in the shape of a heart.

The tree of life is a beloved universal symbol of renewal, new life, and immortality. It also reminds us of how deeply connected we are. The heart shape serves as a reminder of the love that you shared.

The dark brown color adds to the natural appearance of the urn.

The box also comes in a variety of other colors and designs, such as Antique Rosewood Heart, Antique Round, and Blue on White.

Cottage Garden Wood Finish Memorial Urn Box

The lid of this intricately carved wooden box features a beautifully comforting verse.

The verse can be changed out and replaced with a 5’x7” photo under the glass frame.

The box comes with detailed instructions to make it easy to use.

A padded bottom protects furniture and floors from scratches.

The urn is suitable for holding a small portion of ashes, or the cremains of a person or pet weighing up to 90 pounds.

The urn arrives lovingly wrapped and protected in a custom fit box.

The Bogati Large Economy Wooden Urn

While this urn is affordable, there is nothing cheap about it.

You can feel proud of displaying your loved one’s remains in this simple box made of catalpa wood.

The urn comes in four different sizes. The smaller sizes are appropriate for pets. The large size fits a small human.

Don’t be fooled by its light feel and appearance. The construction is sturdy and durable.

Life Song Premier Cremation Urn

This premier urn is the ultimate in personalization.

You can add your loved one’s name and relevant dates along with a 4”x6” photo.

These are displayed along with an inspirational quote, reminding you that your loved one is nearby, walking at your side in spirit forever.

The box is ideal for the remains of a small adult, a child, or an infant.

SmartChoice Wooden Urn Box

The SmartChoice box is a simple yet beautiful choice.

It’s made of durable hardwood in a rich reddish hue.

Extras available

You can choose a plain, unadorned box or add a decorative border for an extra $10.

There is also the option of adding an engraved plaque to add personal details such as your loved one’s name and important dates.

Amaranthine Personalized Urn Box

This contemporary urn is crafted in solid aluminum with a metallic finish.

It comes in eight different colors including sandstone, celestial blue, and purple velvet.

Its classy, modern look makes it a great choice for display.

Suitable for interment

It has also been laboratory-tested to stand up to ground pressure, so you can use it in direct burial.

Personalized engraving appears underneath an uplifting quote from the classic “Footprints” story.

NWA Wooden Funeral Cremation Urn with Solid Brass Cross

This urn brings with it the solid and traditional familiarity of a life of faith.

It’s made of strong wood and graced with a handmade brass cross.

A plate engraved with your loved one’s personal details is included at no extra charge. Just remember to click the “Customize Now” option when ordering.

It can hold the remains of an adult weighing up to 250 pounds.

The urn has a luxurious appearance but costs only a fraction of what you would pay at the funeral home.

Ashes are placed by unscrewing the bottom panel.

The Bogati Hand Carved Rosewood Urn

This is a simple rosewood box with an elegant design hand-carved around the edge.

It comes in four different sizes, the largest of which is ideal for a large adult.

The design

The base is padded with felt to protect floors or furniture.

The box opens with a sliding panel along the bottom.

This urn will make a tasteful addition to the decor of any living space.

G&DI Inc Decorative Wooden Box

No products found.

This pinewood urn was handmade by artisans in India.

An eye-catching tree of life carving covers the lid and one side of the box. Intricate color work gives the tree a comforting shade of green, symbolizing renewal and new life.

It can hold the remains of a person weighing up to 265 pounds before cremation.

The bottom panel is held in place by four standard screws, making the placement of the ashes easy without compromising security.

The seller is also accommodating about quickly replacing the box in case of error or damage.

MEILINXU Wooden Funeral Urn

A sturdy box of mango wood displays a uniquely detailed tree of life design engraved on the lid and the body of the urn.

The branches appear to be blowing in a gusty wind, bringing to mind the permanence and beauty of nature.

A smooth lacquer coat gives the box added brilliance.

It’s a standard size urn, fitting the remains of adults weighing up to 200 pounds before cremation.

The urn comes with a velvet bag for elegant and convenient travelling or storage.

It will look wonderful on your mantelpiece, and can also be beautifully displayed in a columbarium niche.

LifeSong Milestones Wood Cremation Urn

This urn is classically simple and delightfully original at the same time.

It’s crafted of beautiful white sawn oak for a rustic look.

The dove tail shape makes this urn stand out, but in an unassuming way.

Felt pads on the bottom of the urn make it possible for you to display it anywhere without damaging floors or furniture.

It is suitable for the remains of a small adult weighing up to 150 pounds.

Made by Amish craftsmen, this provides a wonderful note of old-fashioned Americana to any decor.

A bottom panel unscrews with two Phillips head screwdrivers for placement of the ashes.

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