The Best 100+ Cremations Urns For Sale Online (My 2023 Top Picks)

If you’re looking online for a cremation urn, you’ve come to the right page.

After countless hours of researching and reviewing, here is my list of favourite cremation urns to buy online.

You’ll find every possible category and style here, and the best part you’ll pay half the price of a funeral home.

If you need some help picking out an urn, feel free to contact me in the comments below.

Handmade Urns

My favorite memorials are usually handmade. Why? Because they’re more personal and creative.

Some of these urns are actually cremation art, meaning you can actually use your loved one’s ashes to create the actual memorial.

So if you’re looking for something more than a typical urn, I would highly recommend some of these urns below.

Arcoboleno Hand Blown Glass Urn

This urn is the perfect remembrance of a vivid and colorful personality. All the colors of the rainbow, in a multitude of vibrant shades, are swirled into the hand blown glass.

The colors vary slightly from one urn to another, so you know that yours will be truly unique. The sturdy footless base allows you to display this urn safely anywhere, without fear that it might tip over.

The urn has a smooth, graceful shape with a classy black stopper in glossy black.

Hummingbird Covered Ceramic Urn

Hummingbirds are a wonderful reminder of the more carefree joys of life.

If your loved one enjoyed life to the fullest, the dainty ceramic hummingbird that graces this covered urn is a fitting way to remember them.

The image of the hummingbird resting on a branch will help you to think of your loved one resting peacefully in the beauty of nature.

The urn can hold all the cremation ash of a child or pet, but only a portion of cremains for a full-grown human adult.

Autumn Amato Hand Blown Glass Urn

This urn holds your loved one’s cremains beautifully while evoking the warm glow of autumn. Deep golden shades of green, blue, and orange are swirled stunningly throughout the glass.

A small amount of sealant will keep the lid secure while still allowing you to open the urn and remove the cremains if needed. Each of these urns are one-of-a-kind, just as special as your loved one.

The urn is created by rolling molten glass into tiny colored particles, and the effect is spectacular.

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Waterfall Bella Hand Blown Glass Urn

Beautiful yet turbulent, there are few things that make us feel more connected to the cycles of nature than a waterfall.

It is precisely that deep and unpredictable beauty which is evoked in the color and pattern of this hand blown urn, with its swirling shades of deep blue.

Cremation ash can be kept securely within the urn, preferably inside a baggie so they won’t spill if you have to open the urn for any reason.

Dove Ceramic Urn Jar

A dove has long been held in reverence as a spiritual messenger of peace.

Gracing the top of this ceramic urn, a beautiful dove will make you feel that you are receiving a message from the soul of your loved one, experiencing peace at last.

The dove tops a ceramic jar painted in the colors of blue sky and white swirly clouds. The jar can hold 180 cubic centimeters of ash, enough for an adult, child, or pet.

Handmade Butterfly Urn

If you’re looking for nature’s evidence of life after death, look no further than the beautiful butterfly, which emerges from its cocoon to embrace a spectacular new life of freedom and beauty.

This delightful ceramic butterfly, with wings in your choice of purple or green, will give you comfort every time you look at it.

The delicate wings are crafted from copper wire and a design of green reeds around the ceramic jar. You will be proud to have this lovely urn adorning your desk or mantel.

Handmade Ceramic Urn Jar

Poised delicately on the water, herons offer us a sense of calm tranquillity amidst the troubled waters of life, and that’s what you’ll see when you look at this urn.

The heron is carved standing on some tufts of grass, looking upwards with hope and determination. It’s a sight that will bring peace and hope to your heart in the midst of grief.

Be aware that the lid to the ceramic jar is not threaded, so you’ll need to add some glue to keep it closed securely. The urn measures about 10 inches tall and about 4 inches in diameter.

Handmade Ceramic Bunny Urn

The adorable ceramic rabbit carved on the top of this urn is a charming reminder of springtime, fertility,  and new life.

It’s the perfect size to hold the cremation ashes of a child or a pet, or a portion of the cremains of an adult. A double-lined cloth bag placed within the urn will keep the ashes secure in case you need to open it later.

You can opt for an engraving of up to 30 characters on the urn.

Cyprus Ginger Ceramic Urn Jar

The unique and startling shape of a ginger tree evokes an impression of strength and passion, exactly the qualities about your loved one that you most want to remember.

This ceramic ginger plant is bent and twisted, yet the roots which reach downward to enclose the jar beneath it are strong and enduring.

The urn is available in three sizes: the Small holds 90 cubic inches, a Medium can hold 180, and a Large size can hold up to 220 cubic inches, adequate for the cremains of a full-grown adult of average size.

Handmade Ceramic Dolphin Urn

The free-spirited dolphin plays happily in two spheres at once, embracing both air and water with joy, just as your loved one’s spirit lives happily in your memory as well as eternity.

Cheerfully poised on a ceramic jar crafted to look like ocean waves, this dolphin will make you happy every time you look at it. The jar holds about 10 cubic inches of cremation ash. It is 6 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter.

Grapevine Basket Urn

This ceramic basket decorated with delicate purple bunches of grapes gives a feeling of abundance, prosperity, and peace.

If your loved one evoked such feelings in you, this is a great way to honor their memory. Be aware that the lid is not threaded, so you may need to use glue to ensure that it closes securely.

The piece is painted with waterproof glaze and fired on a wheel.

Hanging Ceramic Garden Urn

The garden, with its beautiful cycles of life and renewal, is the perfect place to heal from grief. And this lovely hanging urn will help you feel close to the loved one that you lost.

The ceramic cylinder, speckled in deep blue or green to reflect the healing shades of nature, hangs from the trees by a sturdy rope cord.

An engraved message reminds you that your loved one is in heaven, a place even more beautiful than the garden that she or he loved here on earth.

Handmade Keepsake Urns

Handmade Steampunk Airship With Keepsake

Your loved one was always the one to stand from the crowd. And this urn is the perfect way to honor his or her unique qualities.

This airship is hand blown from glass, swirled with an array of vibrant pinks and purples. A small urn compartment has been carved out of olive wood with gold end caps to carry a portion of your loved one’s cremains securely and stylishly.

The airship measures about eight inches in length, and will look stunning anywhere you hang it, outdoors or in.

Handmade Ladybug Ceramic Keepsake Urn

Tiny and charming, a ladybug has always been a universal symbol of protection and good luck.

And this sweet ceramic ladybug, resting atop a ceramic flower-topped cremation jar, provides subtle reassurance that your loved one’s departed spirit still watches over you.

You can opt for a design that includes a flower, or no flower with a larger ladybug. The urn can be customized with an engraving of up to 30 characters and can hold about twelve ounces of cremation ash.

Glass Soft Twist Keepsake Urn

The brilliant colored glass of this piece looks especially stunning in a sunny window, where the colors catch the light beautifully. This ornate, vase-shaped urn has a graceful, twist-top neck.

You can choose from a total of fifteen gorgeous colors including Lime, Lagoon, Grape, and Strawberry. No matter the color, the urn will reflect the light beautifully anywhere you put it, whether in a sunny windowsill or on the mantle.

The urn can hold about one-third of a cup of cremation ash. You may need to seal the top with silicone or E6000 glue to keep it secure.

Gold Fumed Keepsake Urn

Gold fuming gives the glass of this urn an ornate, luxurious look, like golden sand. It measures only 3.5” by 3.5” by 4”.

This small urn holds up to a cup of cremation ash, secured by a golden screw-on cap. It’s the perfect choice for distributing cremains among several family members. A discount is available for family purchases.

Ceramic Angel Keepsake Urn

An angel is a beautiful symbol of a loved one who remains close to you forever. And with a small amount of cremation ash corked inside, that will be really true.

You can opt for an engraving of up to 30 characters on the back of the angel’s wings. The urn holds about a tablespoonful of cremation ash.

Multi-Colored Tree Of Life With Keepsake Urn 

What could be more comforting than this tangible symbol of your loved one resting next to the eternal tree of life, reaching its branches to heaven.

The four-inch tree of life sculpture is crafted from multi-colored wire perched on a wooden base, with a small keepsake urn next to it.

Burial Urns

If you’ve have chosen to bury your loved one’s remains after cremation, you’ll need an urn that is sturdy and durable.

But it also should reflect the personality of your loved one in some way.

Below you’ll find the most popular burial urns. These urns are also suitable keep at home.

M MEILINXU Handcrafted Double Heart

This urn stands out for its unique design: a small red heart perched inside a larger blue teardrop-shaped urn. 

It makes a beautiful and fitting representation of the love you shared.

It’s is crafted of aluminum with a fine glossy lacquer coat.

It is guaranteed not to succumb to rust, corrosion or scratches.

It can hold up to 180 cubic inches of human ashes. 

Loving Angel Wings Blue/Silver Cremation Urn

The ornate and beautiful design of this urn is truly unique: delicately carved silver angels’ wings in the shape of a heart, against a background of blue swirls.

The urn is made of smooth, solid brass, sure to stand up to the test of time.

It comes with a velvet bag for elegant storage and transport.

Silverlight Urns Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn

There are few things in nature as beautiful and comforting as the ocean. The changing tides are a reminder of nature’s cycles of renewal.

This urn is perfect as a remembrance of someone who found comfort in the ocean during their lifetime.

A design of seashells is lovingly detailed on a background of peaceful blue and turquoise.

Ansons Urns Flower Cremation Urn

This urn features a design of boldly-colored flowers on long dark stems, against a background in a color of your choosing.

Available background colors include Cream, Pink and Green.

The urn is made of heavy brass. It can hold the remains of an adult weighing up to 200 pounds.

The lid is machine threaded, so it’s certain to keep the remains secure.

Cosmic Galaxy Universe Cremation Urn

This urn is ideal for remembering the stargazer in your circle.

The vivid colors of a cosmic galaxy are depicted in bold shades of blue, orange, green and red.

A felted bottom allows you to display the urn without scratching any furniture.

It comes with a guarantee so you can return it if you’re not completely satisfied.

Seed of Life Adult Burial Urn

The geometric symbol of the Seed of Life is gorgeously represented on this incredible urn.

The repeating circles are crafted in glowing white-gold on a deep purple background.

It’s not simply an urn, but also an amazing piece of art which cannot fail to catch the eye anywhere it’s displayed.

A design representing blessing and protection makes this the perfect urn to pass down through generations.

Milky Way Large Cremation Urn

The realistic detail on this stunning urn will make you feel like the Milky Way is on display right on your mantle (or desk, or niche, or anywhere else).

The eternal and infinite nature of the stars is a comforting reminder of the eternal life of your loved one.

It comes with a velvet bag for storage and a felt bottom to protect your furniture.

Crimson Rose Display Cremation Urn

A pattern of realistic and vivid-red roses decorates this solid brass keepsake urn.

It can be proudly displayed or used as a burial urn.

The urn is created through an ancient process called sand casting.

A threaded screw top lid allows you to display or handle remains securely. 

It holds about 3 cubic inches of human ash.

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An image of the infinity of space is gorgeously rendered on this brass urn. The silver bands around the top are decorated with leaf details.

The nebula and stars are crafted in striking detail, bringing eternity right into your home.

It also looks great as a display in a niche or columbarium.

This urn also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You can return it (as long as it hasn’t been used) no questions asked.

Eternal Peace Lavender Adult Urn

This beautiful and durable urn is handcrafted of solid brass and coated with an elegant lavender enamel finish.

It’s sturdy enough that you can display it in your home without any fear that it might easily tip over. A wide mouth makes it easy to put your loved one’s remains inside.

Photos can hardly do justice to the beauty of this urn. It holds the remains of adults weighing up to 200 pounds.

Memorials4u Elite Interment Urn

Yet another sturdy but beautiful choice, this urn boasts a warm, vibrant blue shade adorned with silver engraving.

The attractive color is equally appropriate to the remains of a male or female.

Reviewers appreciate that the threaded lid screws on easily but firmly.

A height that is somewhat shorter than other urns opens up new possibilities for display in shelves or niches of your home.

Despite this, the urn will still easily hold the remains of a large adult.

Classic Burial Urn By SmartChoice

The Smartchoice urn comes with a handy velvet bag for easy storage. But it’s classic and stunning look is great for display, too.

It’s more than large enough for the remains of any adult.

It comes in a variety of colors, including a classic shade of black, delightfully feminine pink, or smooth, simple white.

Wings of Freedom Brass Interment Urn

Crafted in high-quality metal with a royal blue finish, this brass urn is a unique and timeless choice.

A polished dove design with delicate leaf borders make it a perfect memorial for a loved one who served in the armed forces.

The seller takes special care with the packaging so you don’t have to worry that the urn will become damaged in transit.

Serenity Large Red Beautiful Adult Cremation Urn

A glossy crimson and burgundy finish adds a dramatic and eye-catching flair to this solid urn.

The Serenity Urn is large enough to fit your loved one but small enough to be tastefully displayed on a shelf or mantle.

It can be easily personalized with the help of a local jeweler or engraver.

The urn is just as lovely as any that you would find at a funeral home, but costs a fraction of the price.

Divinityurns Purple Droplet Cremation Urn

A large urn accompanied by a free matching keepsake urn is an unbeatable deal.

You can display an urn in your home, while also distributing small portion to a loved one.

The urn comes in a stunning shade of purple impossible to accurately capture in photos.

The bold sparkle of these urns make it a great way to memorialize a soul that had its own special shine.

Fedmax Brass Cremation Urn

The Fedmax urn with delicate details of leaves and flowers make this a gorgeous memorial.

It comes with a velvet bag for added elegance and convenience.

The urn is tall and stately. Be aware that it may be too tall to fit in some niches.

But the beautiful colors and sturdy design will be a fitting addition to any decor, and certainly attract positive comments if displayed during a funeral or memorial service.

Zeus Sapphire Cremation Urn

Another large and affordable choice, the Zeus Sapphire comes in a deep and striking shade of blue.

It’s handcrafted of brass. A sturdy felt base makes it easy to display, and a threaded lid gives you a much needed sense of security.

A velvet bag of gun-metal gray adds to the elegance and convenience of this gorgeous urn.

It’s large enough to easily fit the remains of most adults weighing up to 200 pounds.

Forever Remembered Classic Adult Cremation Urn

This handcrafted brass urn is notable for its stunning Mediterranean blue finish.

Besides creating an urn that honors the memory of your loved one, Trupoint is also known for exemplary customer service.

If you have any complaints about your urn, they are committed to fixing the problem, and show a level of compassion that goes above and beyond.

The urn travels easily and stands up well to the test of time.

Eternal Harmony Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

Although this urn is smaller than some of the others on the market, it will still fit the remains of a large adult.

It’s also easy to display just about anywhere.

It comes with a special screw mechanism to ensure a proper seal between the lid and the vase.

You can choose from six different (and equally stunning) colors. These include Blue Peace, Purple Silver, and Silver Pearl.

The MEILINXU Ceramic Burial Urn

This is a stunning ceramic urn patterned with a delicate and comforting tree of life design.

A beautiful lacquer finish makes it look smooth and glossy.

It’s a smaller urn, ideal for the remains of pets or of humans weighing up to 50 pounds.

You might also consider purchasing several of them to share a loved one’s ashes among different family members.

MEILINXU also offers matching keepsake urns, which can be purchased separately.

Ocean Tides Beautiful Adult Cremation Urn

A swirl of warm and peaceful ocean colors makes this urn a comforting remembrance.

It’s especially appropriate if your loved one spent many happy hours enjoying the ocean waves.

The seller stands behind their products, offering a full refund if the urn fails to satisfy.

Each handcrafted urn has a slightly different design, ensuring that yours will be truly unique.

The urn comes in a velvet carrying box.

Flower With Hummingbird Urn

A beautiful ceramic design of pink roses with a visiting hummingbird offers comfort in the peace and simplicity of nature.

It’s perfect for a loved one who enjoyed flowers, gardening and/or birdwatching.

It’s ideal for a small adult.

It’s also well suited to holding the cremains of a beloved pet.

Lavender Butterflies Cremation Urn

This butterfly urn is crafted of brass and decorated with a pattern of beautiful silver butterflies.

A lacquer coat in a delicate shade of lavender will keep the urn glossy and brilliant for years to come.

The pattern on each urn is unique, so you can be sure that yours is one of a kind.

Many traditions see butterflies as symbols of human souls or of resurrection. This makes them an ideal decoration for a memorial urn.

Nazareth Store Beautiful Adult Cremation Urn

This stunning urn is finished in glossy mother-of-pearl and gleaming brass.

The detail of a graceful brass rose is engraved on the urn, representing a love that’s etched permanently on your heart.

A gold cover and a beautiful velvet-lined box for storage add to an overall effect of opulence.

This gorgeous urn is more than worthy of an honored place on your mantel.

GetUrns Adult Embrace Purple Butterfly with Custom Engraving

Most of the urns on our list are easy to personalize by taking them to a professional engraver.

But this urn comes with 3 lines of custom engraving included, a welcome convenience at such a difficult time.

The urn has a smooth glossy purple finish, evoking feelings of luxury and comfort. A gorgeous decoration of flying butterflies symbolizes peace and freedom.

Four different sizes are available. An adult urn can hold the remains of a person weighing up to 200 pounds. You can opt for an Extra Large urn for a loved one who weighed up to 400 pounds.

Lotus Tranquility Funeral Urn

A lotus flower is a beautiful Buddhist symbol of purity and detachment.

That’s what makes this tranquility urn such a wonderful way to remember your lost loved one.

Mosaic Urns

Iridescent Mosaic Cracked Glass Cremation Urn

 This urn perfectly captures the uniquely spiritual look of a stained glass window.

The smooth gold finish is patterned with iridescent multi-colored glass tiles which dazzlingly reflect the light.

As they are hand-crafted, each urn is slightly different. This gives you the comforting knowledge that your loved one’s remains have a resting place unique to them.

NWA Mosaic Cremation Urn

 A pattern of tiles in vibrant reds, yellows and oranges give this urn a look of fiery iridescence.

When you look at it, it will remind you of dazzling sunset hours you shared with your loved one.

It’s made of sturdy brass, so you can display it anywhere without worrying that it will tip or break.

A screw top lid and a felt base give an added sense of security.

INTAJ Mosaic Cremation Urn for Ashes

Tiles with the look of natural wood form a mosaic pattern on this sturdy metal urn.

The mosaic pattern symbolizes life, creativity and spirituality, making it an ideal design for a cremation urn.

The urn is guaranteed to last for 125-145 years. 

It can fit the remains of adults weighing up to 200 pounds.

Two-4-Five Green & Blue Glass Mosaic

This urn comforts and dazzles at the same time with the peaceful hues of nature.

Glass tiles in calming shades of blue, green and purple shine and sparkle in a mosaic pattern.

Made of brass metal, the urn is easy to maintain and will last you a lifetime.

It can hold the remains of small adults (weighing up to 200 pounds) or of pets.

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Hand-blown dark-blue glass tiles evoke the splendor and eternity of a midnight sky. These give off a burst of light whenever the sun catches them. 

The silver rim is cleverly fashioned into a Celtic rope design, symbolizing the endless loops of immortality, with no start or finish.

It is topped with a sphere, designed to hold souvenirs of your loved one separate from the ashes contained within.

Biodegradable Urns

If your loved one loved the sea or nature, biodegradable urn might be an excellent choice.

These beautifully designed urns are made not to disrupt the environment in which they’re laid to rest.

These urns can be intended for sea scattering, ground burial, or for planting a tree.

Journey Biodegradable Floating Urn

The Journey urn comes in a natural medium blue shade, with a simple yet classy design.

When placed in the water, it will float for a few minutes before sinking to the bottom.

The biodegradable paper material breaks down naturally over time, allowing your loved one’s ashes to become one with the lake or ocean waters.

The urn also comes with a water soluble bag for easy placement of the ashes inside.

The Lily at Peace Floating Urn

The delicate lily design of this urn makes it the perfect choice for a waterside memorial service.

It is a photogenic memorial which gives the natural and beautiful appearance of a flower floating on the water.

It’s made of biodegradable paper and clay which work well for both water and ground burials.

Lilies are often used in funerals because they represent the purity and innocence that is restored to the soul after death.

Biodegradable Floating Turtle Urn

If your loved one had a fondness for wildlife and water creatures, this may be the perfect urn to memorialize him or her.

It is crafted of natural paper in Mexico by skilled artisans, and will naturally biodegrade over time.

The urn floats on the water for a while before sinking, giving you the chance to say a meaningful seaside or lakeside goodbye.

The Lily Biodegradable Urn

Another natural-looking lily urn, this one is a vivid shade of green to memorialize a true nature lover.

You can increase the lily’s float time by giving it a gentle shake to evenly distribute the ashes.

Nine leaves are placed around a coral flower to give the 21-inch urn a strikingly life like appearance.

The urn is made of clay and cotton, and all paints used on it are biodegradable.

Ocean Sunset Scattering Tube

This scattering tube gives just the right peaceful and beautiful touch to your scattering ceremony.

The tranquil scene of a sunset is painted in soft shades of blue and pink.

The tube is eco-friendly. After the ceremony, you can either hold onto it as a keepsake or recycle it.

You can easily release the ashes by sliding out the lid and pushing the perforated tab.

Bios Tree Urn

What could be more comforting than knowing that your loved one’s remains have regenerated a beautiful tree of life?

Simply place the ashes in the lower part of this simple urn, plant it, and mix the starter components in the upper capsule, along with additional soil.

The Bios urn comes with a pine tree seed planted inside, but this can be replaced with the seed of any other kind of plant or tree that you desire.

Bios Tree Urn

The design on this bio urn give it a precise resemblance to a lustrous white conch shell resting in the sand.

Your loved one’s ashes can be placed inside the water soluble bag and tucked into a bowl which attaches to the bottom of the urn.

As you watch this touching memorial float and slowly sink on the water, you will feel that you have given your loved one a suitably memorable and photogenic sendoff.

Scattering ceremonies or water burials can be incredibly memorable and meaningful.

Wooden Urn Boxes

Another very popular type is a cremation box, which can also be used for burial or in the home. Here are some elegant boxes available.

Tree of Life Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn Box

This rosewood box holds about 30 cubic inches.

A sliding panel on the bottom closes securely but opens without hassle.

The intricate tree of life carving makes it a lovely remembrance.

The Bogati Large Economy Wooden Box

This is a plain but high-quality box suitable for the remains of a person weighing up to 170 pounds.

Other sizes are available.

It is made of catalpa wood, which is lightweight but very durable.

Although slight damage during shipping has been reported by some, it is still a good-quality box for the price.

Chateau Urns Society Wooden Urn

The Chateau wooden box is unique for its glossy burl wood finish.

It’s crafted of medium-density fiberboard, and has plenty of space for the remains of a large adult.

You can also purchase a matching urn of a smaller size as a keepsake.

It’s easy to personalize this box by adding a brass plaque.

Star India Craft Rosewood Cremation Box

This is a small and intricately hand-carved box which is a great choice for the remains of a small child or pet.

The rich golden brown color gives it a luxurious and elegant look.

It closes with a sliding panel and a screw to keep it secure.

Discreet and attractive, the box can easily be displayed without even looking like a traditional urn.

Smart Choice Wooden Urn

This wooden urn box is crafted of glossy, durable hardwood. A simple but elegant chasing border gives it a little extra touch of class.

You can now purchase this urn with a customized engraved brass plaque to make it look even more distinguished.

The remains of a large person can fit in this box with ease.

Walnut Cowboy Cremation Urn

The laser-engraved detail of a cowboy riding towards a river lends character to this unique urn.

If your loved one enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors, this is a perfect remembrance.

Symbolizing the ultimate freedom as your beloved cowboy rides off into the sunset forever.

The scene is intricately carved on walnut hardwood. The details are so lifelike that it appears three-dimensional.

Tree Of Life Cremation Box

A lovely tree of life carving shaped like a heart graces this rosewood box perfect for the remains of a pet or to be used as a keepsake urn.

The tree of life symbolizes renewal and immortality. It is sure to bring peace to your heart.

You can get this box comes in a variety of other beautiful colors and designs, including Antique Pyramidal, Antique V-Shape, and Golden on White.

Thinking of You Urns Solid Rosewood Box

This solid rosewood urn was handcrafted by artisans in India.

It holds about 200 cubic inches of remains.

It is a simple box with a delicate hand-carved treetop design.

The wood is a beautiful, warm shade.

It’s an excellent choice if you want an urn made of high-quality wood.

Memorials4u Solid Wooden Box (With Engraving)

The Memorials4u urn box comes with a delicate hand-carved tree of life design on the top.

A customized brass plate is included in the price.

An easy sliding panel on the bottom makes the urn easy to access, yet secure.

Solid Alder Wood Funeral Cremation Urn

This adult sized urn is carved from 100% alder wood, which resembles the color and texture of mahogany.

Four screws in the lid ensure that it seals tightly.

The box is simple and plain, yet it exudes quality. It’s perfect to honor a loved one who enjoyed the simple things in life.

Chateau Urns Chambord Series Wood Urn

This wooden cremation box combines elements of classic simplicity with luxurious elegance.

It’s crafted of soft blond maple with a finish of walnut burl and ebony inlays. This gives it a smooth, glossy, lacquered look.

The interior is lined with velvet to enhance the luxurious effect.

It’s large enough to place a smaller temporary urn directly inside.

A bottom panel is firmly secured with four screws.

Keepsake Urns

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, a tiny keepsake urn allows you to keep your loved one close to you always.

You can use it to keep a small portion of your loved one’s ashes if you have chosen to bury or scatter the remainder.

Many people also purchase a set to be share among children, siblings, or friends.

Heavenly Peace Dark Blue Small Keepsake Urn

At just 2.25 inches tall and in a comforting shade of deep blue, this is the ideal keepsake urn.

A satin-lined velvet box comes with the urn, giving you a classy and tasteful method to store your memento.

At such an affordable price, you can easily order a set of them to share ashes among family members.

They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to take wherever you go.

Fedmax Keepsake Cremation Urn Set

This includes six beautiful urns, each with a different design.

It’s a wonderful way to give each family member their own unique memento of your loved one.

Each one is adorned with fine brass and aluminum detailing over a smooth, glossy finish.

While every pattern is different, each one is artful and subtly comforting.

The urns can each hold about three tablespoons of ash.

An elegant, satin-lined carrying case makes it easy for you to transport the urns when travelling.

Heavenly Peace Dark Blue Small Keepsake Set

This is a set of four small keepsake urns, crafted in a deep, comforting shade of blue.

Though they are equally lovely, each urn is slightly different, allowing you to personalize these keepsakes among family members.

The set comes with four individual velvet bags for secure carrying and storage.

Each one can hold a small portion of ashes or a lock of hair.

As an alternative to display, they can all be kept together in a simple but stylish carrying case.

Small Cremation Urns For By Adera Dreams

This set of small urns is noteworthy for the exquisite and detailed decoration.

There are also plenty of helpful add-ons included in the package: a display case, four velvet drawstring carrying bags, and a paper funnel for transferring the ashes into the urns.

The urns may appear delicate, but they are constructed of sturdy metal.

Each urn has a deep blue color with a silver band and four different designs.

The urns are carefully crafted by hand. Each one will hold about three tablespoons of ashes.

It’s easy to purchase a larger matching urn separately to make a gift of these keepsakes even more meaningful.

Another option is to use the urns to keep a small portion of cremains with you following a scattering ceremony.

MEILINXU Mini Brass Cremation Urn

Another small keepsake urn, this one boasts an ethereal shade of pink and a hand-etched design of butterflies.

A symbol of beautiful new life after dying in a caterpillar’s cocoon, the design will evoke feelings of comfort and peace.

It’s made entirely of brass with a pewter finish.

While it is meant as a keepsake, the design and size also make it perfect for the remains of a premature infant.

The urn is beautiful enough to be proudly displayed in your home or office. It will look very lovely and comforting placed next to a cherished photo.

Everlasting Love White Small Keepsake Urn

The smooth white enamel finish on this keepsake urn gives it a classic and timeless look.

Delicate swirls on the finish are reminiscent of mother-of-pearl.

A screw-top lid offers security, but is still easy to access if you want to store the ashes for a later scattering ceremony.

The urn can also be purchased in packs of four as an affordable way to share ashes among friends and family.

As a bonus, they come in a beautiful, velvet-lined box with brass clasps.

Grace and Mercy Majestic Pewter Keepsake Urns

This set of four pewter urns has an understated yet elegant appearance.

It comes with several paper funnels, greatly simplifying the task of transferring your loved one’s ashes.

A velvet case gives you a classy and secure place to store the four urns until you are ready to distribute them.

The urns are sturdy and easy to transport when travelling.

A matching full-size urn is also available from the same seller.

They can be easily personalized if you take them to a custom engraver.

Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urns Set of 4

This is another set of keepsake urns, handmade from brass and decorated with silver engraving.

Each urn has a slightly different design, and comes in a different shade of blue.

The glossy lacquer finish comes in Summer Blue, Forest Blue, Ocean Blue or Cloud Blue.

Though some have reported that one of the four they received was green instead of blue, buyers are still impressed overall with the beauty and quality of the product.

The urns are packaged with great care to avoid breakage during shipping.

No products found.

No products found.

This simple but No products found. is ideal to remember a person of faith.

It’s made of brass and hand-engraved with a gorgeous black-trimmed Christian cross.

A felt bottom allows you to display the urn without scratching furniture surfaces.

It’s made of brass and can be purchased in three different colors: Silver, Gold or Brushed Bronze.

Matching Large or Extra Large urns are also available for purchase.

The Small urn stands about three inches high.

The urn comes with a beautiful velvet-lined box for storage.

The threaded lid stays on securely, but is easy to open when you need to.

XIUDA Urn Necklace Pendant for Memorial Ashes

This is a tasteful and attractive jewelry choice which allows men (or women) to wear their loved one’s remains close to their heart.

The chain comes in a choice of three different lengths so it can be easily tailored based on your size and taste.

The simple bar pendant is minimalist but meaningful.

A small and striking rhinestone is embedded at the base of the bar to add just a hint of sparkle.

You can place ashes inside, or you may place other small mementoes, such as dried flowers, a lock of hair, or dirt from a special place.

The pendant comes in Black, Gold, Rose Gold or Silver.

The chain and pendant are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, guaranteed not to rust.

No products found.

No products found.

This is a simple but striking urn pendant, consisting of angels’ wings forming a cross.

It comes with a 20-inch chain and a fill kit. Other lengths of chain are available.

While the pendant is strikingly good quality, some have been less than satisfied with the chain.

A convenient gift box is also included.

It’s made of rust-proof, waterproof stainless steel crafted in a style that is equally flattering for men and women.

You can wear your loved one’s remains close to you every day without worrying that it will break or rust.

While black is a popular choice, this necklace comes in a variety of colors, including Silver and Rose Gold.

EternityMemory Multi-Colored Crystal Bar Keepsake

The pendant of this urn necklace is a stainless steel bar embellished with a small, vibrant crystal.

You can easily take it to an engraver to have the pendant personalized with your loved one’s name or other relevant details.

A selection of crystals means you can choose your loved one’s favorite color.

A miniature funnel and pin are included to help you place a small amount of remains inside.

The pendant is guaranteed not to irritate your skin. It also won’t tarnish or change color over the years.

It comes with a 20-inch chain, as well as an extra extension chain.

The colors of the gemstones may be slightly lighter than what is pictured, but are still beautiful.

Colors include Dark Blue, Light Blue and Orange.

Companion Urns

If you want to memorialize a loving couple, having a double urn for them is a wonderful tribute.

They offer comfort in the suggestion that your loved ones maintain their strong bond in the afterlife.

Montana Walnut Companion Urn

This walnut companion urn gives an impression of solid simplicity and strong faith.

It’s only adornment is an inlaid maple cross covering the top of the urn.

The glossy lacquer finish gives the urn a luxurious look.

To place ashes inside, simply unscrew the bottom panel.

The urn holds 400 cubic inches of cremains, easily fitting two people. You can place each loved one’s ashes separately, or commingle them.

Loving Swans Sculpted Double Urn

This a set of Beautiful Life Urns Swans' Embrace Companion Urn - Double Urn in the shape of swans.

When placed side by side, the swans’ arched necks form a heart.

A faux bronze finish adds to the elegant and classy effect.

This touching and unique design is a wonderful way to memorialize unending love.

The urn can be displayed as a tasteful piece of art without anyone knowing its real purpose, making this memorial both beautiful and discreet.

Solid Brass Funeral Cremation Companion Urn

These sturdy Urns for Human Ashes, Funeral Cremation Companion Urns, Urns for Two Adults give an impression of understated luxury.

They are crafted entirely of brass with a pearl-white nickel finish for a glossy and smooth look.

The two urns share a heart-shaped base as a tribute to the bond that your lost loved ones shared.

Each urn has an intricate hand-etched design near the top and on the base.

NWA Extra Large Wooden Funeral Cremation Ash Urn

An intricate leaf design graces this solid and classic hardwood box.

This extra large urn can easily hold the remains of two adults.

Two brass name plates are included with the purchase of the urn.

Just be sure to remember to choose the option of customizing the urn before checking out.

You can place the plates anywhere on the box that you choose.

Memorials Forever Walnut Boxwood Companion Urn

This large walnut box is the ultimate in simplicity and high quality.

It’s large enough to fit the remains of two people if they are removed from the boxes that you get from the funeral home.

The urn has a capacity of 400 cubic inches.

Engraving can be purchased separately.

Memorials Forever Roses Companion Urn

This box for two is crafted of smooth and beautiful walnut with a smooth rosewood finish

Metal rose artistry adds an extra touch of beauty and elegance.

It’s the perfect memorial to honor a couple who enjoyed the finer things of life, like flowers and artistry.

Each urn is custom-made for each individual client, making it a highly personal and meaningful keepsake.

Walnut Book with Doves Companion Urn

The comforting stability of a sacred book is decorated with doves, the universal symbol of peace.

It’s tough to beat the artistry of this unique companion urn.

The book is carved from solid walnut with a lighter area between the covers laser etched to look like pages.

The doves are also laser-etched from light colored hardwood.

Lifesong Companion Urn for Humans Ashes

You will feel that your loved ones remain forever close to you with this stunning double urn.

An inspirational verse about the closeness of our departed loved ones graces one side of the hardwood box, with space for a photo on the other.

Soulmates Together Forever Urn

This intricately crafted box is perfect for a couple who enjoyed nature together.

The carving depicts a man and woman sitting peacefully together on a bench, enjoying each other’s company as well as the lake and mountain views.

It will evoke peaceful thoughts of your loved ones resting peacefully close to each other for eternity.

Marble Urns

Trinityurns Classic Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

You can’t beat this urn for elegant dignity.

It’s made of smooth midnight-blue marble, giving it a look of solid and dignified luxury which you’ll be proud to display.

A bottom opening with a threaded lid makes it easy to insert ashes while also keeping them secure.

The stone and resin construction ensures that this urn will last for many years to come.

Silverlight Urns Carrera Classic Cultured Marble Urn

The classic and elegant look of this urn makes it beautiful enough to display in your home. 

However, it’s also durable enough to use for ground burial without the added expense of a burial vault (depending on cemetery regulations).

The crushed stone and resin have been carefully polished to resemble the look and feel of real marble.

Ansons Urns White Marble Cremation Urn

The appearance of a mountain rock suggests a soul of rugged permanence.  It will bring you comfort whenever you look at it.

The natural rock-like shape simply looks like a souvenir from a day of hiking rather than a traditional urn.

Although it’s only about 10 inches high, this urn is completely adequate to fit the remains of an adult weighing up to 300 pounds.

Silverlight Urns Mosaic Blue Onyx Cremation Urn

This urn combines a symbolic mosaic pattern with the solid elegance of marble.

It’s carved from genuine onyx stone quarried from the mountains of Southwest Pakistan.

The graceful marble pattern is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian art. It’s truly a timeless and classical look.

Two-4-Five Marble Sphere Urns for Human Ashes

This urn truly does not resemble an urn at all!

It simply looks like a strikingly elegant decoration for your home or garden.

But you’ll know that your loved one’s remains are close by, enclosed securely within the smooth orb of genuine carved marble.

The opening is discreetly and securely concealed by a screw cap on the bottom.

Baby Urns

The Teddy Bear Infant Cremation Urn

This hand-etched teddy bear , the universal symbol of childhood comfort, graces this lovely urn.

It’s nickel plated in blue, with the teddy bear design etched in pink and white.

Customized engraving for the base of the urn can be purchased separately. To do this, simply add the engravable base when you make your purchase.

The urn has a shiny metallic look, and is built to last.

Perfect Memorials Large Teddy Bear Urn

This charming memorial is a real stuffed teddy bear, with a zippered enclosure in the back for holding a small amount of cremains.

You can display it in your home and no one will even realize that it’s a cremation urn, as it simply looks like a child’s toy.

It comes with a fabric heart for holding the ashes, a very comforting small touch.

Hugs and Kisses Beautiful Light Blue Child's Cremation Urn

This baby urn comes in a comforting and peaceful shade of light blue, decorated with subtle swirls.

It is the perfect size to hold the ashes of an infant, and can also be used as a keepsake urn to hold a small amount of adult ashes.

The lid screws on and off easily, offering security as well as ease of use.

Perfect Memorials Bronze Angel and Child Urn

This urn comes in a comforting and peaceful shade of light blue, decorated with subtle swirls.

It is the perfect size to hold the ashes of an infant, and can also be used as a keepsake urn to hold a small amount of adult ashes.

The lid screws on and off easily, offering security as well as ease of use.

Lifesong Memorial Keepsake Box

This baby box discreetly holds a small amount of ashes while giving the appearance of a simple picture-frame remembrance.

An inspirational quote above your child’s name and dates are tastefully engraved on a box made of cherry wood. A photo can be placed alongside.

It can be displayed on your mantle or hung on your wall.

The base unscrews with a Phillips head screwdriver to insert the ashes.

Infinity Keepsakes Beautiful Bereavement Cremation Urn

This keepsake necklace comes with a fill kit and a velvet bag. An 18-inch chain is also included.

The pendant is delicate colored glass with the words “Always in my heart” laser engraved on the inside.

The stunning deep purple shade makes this a beautiful memorial for anyone.

The urn can hold a very small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, or any other small remembrance that you find meaningful.

It’s beautiful and tasteful enough to wear close to your heart every day.

Religious & Cross Urns

Fedmax White Funeral Cross Urn

A white cross urn with an ornately detailed cross lends an extra note of reverence and refinement to any funeral service.

Despite its solid and luxurious appearance, the urn easily costs just half of what you would pay for a similar product from a funeral home.

The sturdy brass construction gives the urn a comforting weight and stability.

Grace and Mercy Pewter Cross Adult Cremation Urn

The cross details on this urn are skillfully hand carved in pewter.

The design is simple and timeless. It will make your funeral service look classy, without going over the top.

A velvet bag makes it easy for you to store or transport cremains in style.

Blessings of Christ Platinum & Gold Cross Urn

Another simple yet ornate urn this one comes in pewter with a design of a gold cross and detailed gold bands encircling the urn.

A glossy lacquer coat adds to the overall impression of elegance.

The urn is created by an ancient and unique sand casting process, making it a fitting memento for a very special loved one.

Beloved and Inspiring Engraved Bronze Adult Cremation Urn

This handcrafted and polished urn is another simple yet inspiring choice.

The cross design is understated yet beautiful.

You can also purchase a small matching keepsake urn, or a set of four of them.

Holy Spirit Dove Stained Glass Urn

The image of a dove surrounded by a brilliantly colorful stained glass window evokes deep feelings of comfort.

A dove is a traditional symbol of peace, and also represents the “Holy Spirit” coming upon Christ at the time of his baptism.

The vivid colors bursting around this simple dove are perfect to honor a soul that was full of color and brimming with the “Holy Spirit.”

Patriotic & Veteran Urns

Trupoint Memorials Large Patriot Urn

If your loved one’s patriotic spirit was larger than life, this patriot urn is the ideal choice.

The entire urn is handpainted with the stars and stripes.

It’s very suitable for veterans of any military branch.

It can easily fit the remains of an adult weighing up to 200 pounds.

NWA Large Hardwood Funeral Cremation Urn

This is a large, sturdy, hardwood box with a classic look.

It comes with a customized engraved brass plate and an insert large enough to fit a 7” by 5” photo of your choosing.

It is the ultimate in dignity and personalization, a send-off you can be proud of.

The urn is large enough to fit the remains of an adult weighing up to 250 pounds.

Oak Freedom Navy Urn

This Navy urn offers equal parts of simplicity and dignity.

It is a box carved of the finest oak, with a Navy seal emblem medallion included.

If your loved one proudly served in the Navy, this urn is the perfect way to honor his/her service.

The bottom unscrews to place the ashes inside, and you can place the medallion on the box wherever you choose.

Unique & Custom Urns

For certain personalities, the traditional just won’t do.

If your loved one had a strong and unique spirit, you want to remember these qualities in him or her.

A unique urn celebrates a character trait or a particular interest that made your loved one stand out.

Beautiful Life Urns Florence Antiqued Brass Adult Urn

A raised floral design on gold finish gives this urn a vintage look, like an unexpected treasure discovered in an antique shop.

The circular shape is eye-catching and yet discreet. It adds a quiet elegance to your home decor without being too obvious about its purpose.

M MEILINXU Unique Funeral Urns for Adults Ashes

One thing’s for sure: you will never find an urn quite like this one. 

The whirlpool shape is a true work of art, symbolizing your loved one’s passage from death to new life.

The urn is made of oxide dark-green aluminum with a blue lacquer finish. 

The finish is sure to remain shiny and beautiful for years to come.

Custom Engraved Small Electric Guitar Cremation Urn

There’s no better way to honor the beloved musician in your life than with this special urn.

A cold-cast resin statue of an electric guitar (complete with a speaker right behind it) adorns the urn with charming detail.

It comes with a plaque engraved with your loved one’s name and a few sentiment lines. This plaque can be securely attached to the base.

Roman Forever With The Angels Urn

A sculpture of a tall Roman-style angel lends a divine sense of regality to this urn.

It’s crafted of resin stoneware, and includes an inspirational verse, surrounded by a garland of delicately-carved leaves.

The lid does not shut tightly, but you can easily remedy that with a good sealer.

You are sure to find it a reminder that your loved one is always close to you in your heart.

Cowboy Western Horse Sunset Adult Urn

The vinyl artwork on this urn pictures a cowboy on a horse contemplating a desert at sunset.

The symbolism evokes an image of your own beloved cowboy riding off into the sunset adventure of his new life.

The urn can fit large adults weighing up to 260 pounds.

It has one of the largest openings you’ll find on any urn, making the placement of ashes a breeze.

Perfect Memorials Large Cowboy Boots Cremation Urn

A cold cast resin sculpture of a cowboy hat and boots next to a coiled-up lasso tops this unique urn.

It will help you to visualize your loved one laying down his/her hat and boots to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

A bottom panel attaches with screws for placement of the ashes and secure closure.

Memorials 4U Midnight Moon Cremation Urn

This spherical urn holds a lifelike representation of the midnight sky, perfect for the remains of your favorite moon-loving night owl.

It is diamond engraved and constructed with the ancient process of sand casting.

One perk is that the urn truly doesn’t look like an urn at all, but rather a unique and beautiful decoration.

It’s best to display the urn on a high shelf to show the picture to its full advantage.

Sports Urns

No products found.

No products found.

Was your loved one a die-hard Packers fan? 

If so, there’s no better way to honor him or her than with this urn.

A decorative team ball with the Packers logo rests on a sturdy base.

The base and team ball must be purchased separately.

The base comes with a gold plaque bearing your loved one’s name, relevant dates and an engraved football player detail.

UrnsDirect2U Golf Ball Urn

Golf was your loved one’s entire life…and this urn is a wonderful way to recognize that.

A life-size golf ball replication sits on a green base.

The urn is made of lightweight but durable aluminum.

It can hold up to 210 cubic inches of cremated remains.

A gold plaque can be purchased for the base separately and engraved with your loved one’s name, birthdate and date of death.

Perfect Memorials Custom Engraved Baseball Urn

Created with baseball fans in mind, this urn comes with a custom-engraved plaque featuring relevant details and quotes about your loved one.

The base is topped with a bronze statue of a ball player at bat.

The urn can hold about 40 cubic inches of ashes. These are contained within an inner chamber, easily accessed by a panel in the bottom.

NWA Car Lovers Cremation Urn

Old car enthusiasts are special people who deserve a special tribute.

A solid wood box features a hand painted image of two classic cars with a plaque for customized engraving.

Your loved one’s name and dates may be engraved on the plaque at no extra charge.

Ashes can be inserted via a panel on the bottom.

Perfect Memorials Fisherman Cremation Urn

This cold cast resin sculpted urn will allow you to imagine your loved one out peacefully fishing in a rowboat, an image that’s sure to bring comfort.

It’s especially fitting if your loved one loved fishing, and was always hoping to catch “the big one.”

The sculpture sits on a base, and the bottom panel opens for easy placement of cremains.

Football Adult Memorial Wooden Urn

For some people, football is more than a sport- it’s a way of life.

For that person, this detailed wooden urn is the perfect memorial.

A three-dimensional plaque on the urn displays a carving of a football player, with a plate for personalization.

Engraving is included at no extra charge.

The urn can easily fit the cremains of a large adult.

Perfect Memorials Custom Engraved Golf Urn

This is an excellent memorial for the beloved golfer in your life.

A detailed sculpture of a bag of golf clubs tops the urn.

Personalized engraving is included in the price.

Red Racing Flag Niche Urn

If watching a good old-fashioned car race was something your loved one adored, you can find no more appropriate memorial than this urn.

It boasts a glossy red finish, decorated with vinyl artwork that depicts two checkered flags.

It’s made of cast aluminum, and can fit the ashes of an adult weighing up to 220 pounds.

Though it feels deceptively lightweight, the urn is sturdy and stable.

Pet Urns

Only pet-owners can understand how much this member of your family meant to you.

Their loss has left behind a huge hole in your life and in your heart. And they will have a place in your heart for eternity.

A pet urn is a wonderful way to demonstrate that.

Pawsitively Cherished Pet Urn

This pet urn is made of solid brass with an attractive pewter finish.

In a touch of charming whimsy, double pawprints of gold grace the top of the urn.

The small urn can comfortably hold the remains of a pet weighing up to 25 pounds at the time of cremation.

You also have the option of purchasing a medium urn, or a small one with custom engraving.

AngelStar 5-Inch Pet Urn for Dog

This charming urn box can be displayed with pride anywhere in your home.

The words “Dogs Leave PawPrints on Your Heart Forever” are carved into the urn, with space next to it for a small photo.

Despite its modest 5-inch dimensions, you can easily fit the remains of a large pet weighing up to 100 pounds.

It is available in Black, Light Brown or Dark Brown.

Near & Dear Pet Memorials Engraved Pet Urn

For a more traditional option, the Near & Dear urn comes in a conventional vase shape.

The small size is perfect for the remains of pets weighing 15 pounds or less.

The urn has a glossy black lacquer finish and fine brass details.

At just 6 inches tall, the urn fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily and discreetly displayed.

Egyptian Cast Bronze Cat Urn

This memorial is carved from cold cast bronze with ornate details that evoke the ancient Egyptian practice of cat worship.

It’s designed to look like the sacred Bastet cat goddess. She is a symbol of protection, as well as the goddess of music and sunrise.

You will feel that you’ve given your lost feline a  truly royal send-off.

The lid can easily be sealed with glue or adhesive.

Best Friend Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn

Hand-carved pawprints adorn this solid brass urn.

It’s also engravable, so you can easily personalize it with details about your pet.

The paws urn is suitable for pets weighing up to 30 pounds. A larger size is also available, as well as a variety of colors and styles.

The urn has a heavy feel to it, helping you feel secure that it won’t be easily tipped or knocked over.

Pet Memorial Angel Dog Sleeping In Basket Urn

The bronze sculpture on this urn gives you a peaceful vision of your beloved dog as an angel curled up sleeping in a cozy basket for eternity.

The sculpture is crafted of cold cast resin and polished by hand.

The urn can fit the ashes of a small to medium dog, up to about 30 pounds.

Cremation Urn Sizes

WordPress Responsive Table

When purchasing a cremation urn online, you may be nervous that it might not be the right size.

After all, you don’t want to pay for more urn than you really need.

But you also don’t want to face the terrible situation of not being able to fit all the ashes inside.

Calculating the size needed

When calculating the size of the urn you need, a good rule to keep in mind is that one pound of body weight equals one cubic inch of remains.

By that logic, a man who weighed 170 pounds needs an urn that holds 170 cubic inches.

Cremation Urn Costs

It’s a tough question to answer because there’s so many types of cremation urns available.

But generally, expect to pay between $50-$500, with the average price being around $100.

The size of the urn, material, design, and material are all factors that will influence the price.


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