Funeraria Del Angel Review: The Best Hispanic Funeral Provider?

The Hispanic community in North America have a rich set of traditions and rituals when it comes to death.

Honoring these traditions is Funeraria del Angel- the biggest latin funeral provider in the country.

So how good are they actually at honoring your requests?

In this review, we take a look at the company, services offered, costs, other possible providers, and much more.

We also look at what other customers have said and how you can get a quote.

About the Company

Funeraria del Angel has been in business for more than 10 years, serving Hispanic families all throughout North America.

They help incorporate the community’s most desired Hispanic traditions and rituals for their loved one’s final arrangements.

Funeraria Del Angel Locations

Funeraria del Angel is owned by Dignity Memorial, which together has 2,000 locations.

You’ll find Funeraria del Angel locations in the most prominent areas of the United States including:

  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Winter Haven, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Austin, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA

Funeraria Del Angel Services

Funeraria del Angel offers full-service final arrangements for your loved ones including cremation, funeral services, and cemetery services including burial, cremation gardens, and mausoleums.

Cremation Services

Funeraria del Angel offers a variety of cremation services including preparing the body according to your religious requirements, planning a proper celebration or funeral, and the desired burial option.

They have a wide range of cremation packages to help meet the budgets and needs of all families.

Some of the services offered include:

Memorial services

A memorial service can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Some families choose to have a viewing before the cremation itself, which they offer.

Others choose to have the service after the cremation. Cremation services can have a theme, including traditional rituals, and be held anywhere you feel is most appropriate for your loved one.

Cremation burial

Funeraria del Angel helps you have a proper burial for your loved one’s ashes. If you have a Catholic ceremony, you may prefer the ashes be buried rather than entombed, but each family has its own desires and wishes.

Other burial options

Funeraria del Angel also helps you choose special burial options, such as plaques, stones, monuments, or even benches. They also offer interment in a columbarium or cremation garden.

Direct Cremation

It’s no secret that funeral and burial services get expensive. If you’re on a budget or your loved one didn’t want any elaborate arrangements, you may consider a direct cremation.

This low-cost cremation option includes transportation of the body to the crematorium and the cremation itself.

The crematorium handles all of the details for you, including the paperwork. All you have to do is arrange the final transportation of the ashes – whether you pick them up or arrange to have them delivered to a special location.

It’s important to understand that a direct cremation doesn’t include a memorial service, viewing, casket, a room to say your final goodbyes or a place to bury the body.

Traditional Service

Traditional services really can look however you want them to. In general, traditional services include a viewing of the body, a funeral, and proper burial, whether via cremation or traditional burial.

Traditional Hispanic culture involves a visitation that starts later than a traditional viewing and lasts longer than a traditional viewing, sometimes going overnight.

It typically include delectable foods, plenty of flowers and candles.

Funeraria del Angel honors your family’s needs and holds the services where you feel most comfortable, whether at the funeral home or in your own home.

Most Hispanic families host a service after the viewing in a Catholic Church

Funeraria del Angel works with all of the local Catholic Churches to ensure that the service intertwines beautifully with the services held at the funeral home or private home.

They will also work with any wishes or desires you have for your loved one. Just talk to them about your wishes, Hispanic rituals, and what you envision for your loved one.

Hey have worked with families with many different types of requests, making the most amazing final arrangements for their loved ones.

The Funeral Service

Today, many Hispanic families have a celebration of life for their loved one. The professionals at Funeraria del Angel can help you plan every detail of the celebration to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

Most funeral and celebration of life services include some or all of the following:


Music is an integral piece of the Hispanic culture and Funeraria del Angel ensures that your needs are met.

You might have preferred songs, have a specific musician or you want the staff to bring in the specialized professionals that will play your desired music.


Flowers are the love language at any Hispanic funeral or celebration of life. Typically, the flowers at the viewing or memorial service are also used at the burial site.

The professionals at Funeraria can help you choose the flowers that most reflects your loved one and the ambiance you wish to create at his/her final arrangements.


Bringing in pieces of your loved one’s life to the final arrangements make the ceremony incredibly special for everyone.

You can have small mementos included in the casket with your loved one or you have large mementos to put on display for everyone to enjoy.


Hispanic funerals are a time to commemorate your loved one, and oftentimes family members want a specific theme whether it’s a certain color or style of clothing they want everyone to wear.

Funeraria can include these details in the obituary so that everyone knows what you desire.


Food plays an integral role in the Hispanic funeral celebration. You can opt for pan dulce, pastelitos and coffee served at the service or you want a proper meal complete with catering.

Special events

Think of the special times in your loved one’s life. Is there a time you want to commemorate at the services?

Is there a specific song you want to be played or a memento you want to be included in the service?

Funeraria has helped families create custom events both in the funeral home and at home, sometimes even lasting overnight. They also help you have services in bilingual verse rather than one language to accommodate everyone present.

Choosing a Casket

Choosing a final resting place for your loved one is a big deal and the professionals at Funeraria del Angel are there to help you every step of the way.

They help you understand your options, from design, sizes, and costs. You can expect someone to walk you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure your 100% satisfaction during this trying time.

Burial Services

Whether you want a Catholic cemetery, non-denominational cemetery, or have a specific request, all requests can be accommodated.

Some families prefer to have a private burial service while others want the entire congregation involved.

Let your representative know what suits you the most and they will ensure that your needs are met.

Dignity Cemetery

The Dignity Cemetery options include a variety of choices that meet the wide range of preferences in the Hispanic community. A few options include:

  • Standard burial plots: These are offered in both in-ground and above-ground options with cemetery markers as simple or as elaborate as you desire.
  • Cremation gardens: For a relaxing and enjoyable way to visit with your loved one, a cremation garden may be a beautiful option that includes fountains, benches, and other outdoor decorations that make you feel at peace with your loved one.
  • Mausoleums: They offer both private and community mausoleums for both caskets and cremated ashes, allowing anyone that chooses this option to have a choice for their loved ones.
  • Columbarium Niches: Columbariums are indoor or outdoors, public or private. It’s a small structure that houses the ashes, giving you a peaceful and beautiful place to enjoy time with your loved one.

Hispanic Funeral Traditions

Hispanic funeral traditions are similar to most other funeral traditions, but there are a few special factors that Funeraria del Angel focuses to ensure that your culture is honored:

  • The ceremonies are mostly Catholic, even if the deceased was a non-Catholic, Hispanics almost always include Catholic traditions in their funeral arrangements
  • The celebration is always a celebration of life and the celebration of the loved one ‘going home.’ The ceremonies and celebrations are very family-oriented and food, laughter, music, and celebration are involved.
  • Most Hispanic families choose to host a wake or a viewing of the body before it’s laid to rest.
  • Most Hispanic families choose to have a rosary said in the name of their loved one. This is done in the Catholic church with a Catholic priest and it precedes the funeral service.
  • The funeral mass occurs after the wake but before the burial. It’s a full Catholic mass, but anyone is welcome, whether Catholic or not.
  • The burial is also part of the Hispanic funeral service. Most people in attendance at the funeral attend the burial where everyone throws some of the earth onto the casket.


Funerals cost as much as $12,000 and up today for a full service and traditional burial. The cost of the funeral services you choose depends on the services you desire.

If you have a simple funeral and burial, it will cost much less, but if you want to go all out in true Hispanic fashion, it may cost much more

Make sure to ask about fees such as:

  • Transportation of the body
  • Viewing of the body for the number of hours you desire
  • Fees for putting the services together
  • Cost of embalming or cremating the body
  • Casket cost
  • Cost of chosen burial

Funeraria Del Angel Reviews

Reviewers love the compassion and professionalism provided by Funeraria del Angel staff. Many people took advantage of their pre-planning services to make their final arrangements easier on their loved ones.

Reviewers love the attention to detail that the staff provides as well as their dedication to ensuring that every person in attendance was completely comfortable and happy with the services.

Other Hispanic Funeral Providers

California – Funeraria Latino-Americana

The staff at Funeraria Latino Americana can help you put together the most beautiful services for your loved one. They have great attention to detail and can meet even the most elaborate needs to celebrate your loved one’s life.

New York – Las Rosas 

The professionals at Las Rosas offer care and compassion through this difficult time in your life. They help you build a beautiful service and legacy for your loved one, helping you make difficult decisions at this time.

New Jersey – Funeraria Latino Americana

The professionals at Funeraria Latino Americana help you choose the perfect services for your loved one, whether they made their final wishes known or you are choosing everything for them.

They understand the difficult time you are going through and work on your schedule to help you.

Texas – Carrillo Funeral Homes

As one of the best funeral homes in the Dallas area, this funeral home offers a complete dedication to your funeral arrangements whether an immediate need or pre-planned. They help you build a beautiful tribute that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.

Florida – Gonzalez Funeral Home

A dedicated funeral home in the Tampa area, Gonzalez Funeral Home ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your loved one’s services whether a viewing, full funeral, cremation, or a combination.

Get a Quote

If you’d like to learn more about the costs of a funeral whether for immediate needs or pre-planning for your loved ones, visit this website and find the location nearest you.

Call for a free quote or to get advice on how best to plan for the celebration of the life of your loved one.

Should you Choose Funeraria del Angel?

The Hispanic community in North America have a rich set of traditions and rituals when it comes to death.

Honoring these traditions is Funeraria del Angel- the biggest latin funeral provider in the country.

So how good are they actually at honoring your requests?

In this review, we take a look at the company, services offered, costs, other possible providers, and much more.

We also look at what other customers have said and how you can get a quote.

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